JFACC and Loom.

The JFACC program is a DARPA program to develop tools to assist a Joint Forces Air Component Commander plan an air campaign. Details can be found in our Final Report.

Loom's Role

Loom is a knowledge representation language. It serves as the repository for information about plans and the domain of air campaign planning. Several tools use Loom to store the knowledge base that they need to function.

Strategy Development Assistant

One application developed with Loom is a Strategy Development Assistant (SDA) which supports planners in the early stages of air campaign plan development. This stage is characterized by a high level of abstraction in the plannign process. We use a theory of air campaign planning to provide guidance in this early, ill-structured phase of planning.


Another application developed with Loom is a INSPECT-II, a critiquing tool for air campaign plans. This tools analyzes plans and automatically maintains an agenda of open issues, missing parts and potential problems with plans.

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