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Since 2005, PowerLoom® is available free-of-charge under a triple disjunctive open-source licensing scheme that allows you to pick the Mozilla Public License v. 1.1 (MPL), the GNU General Public License v. 2.0 (GPL) or the the GNU Lesser Public License v. 2.1 (LGPL) to fit your needs. This scheme is similar to what's used for the Mozilla web browser and should give people maximum flexibility to use PowerLoom even for commercial development while still retaining the advantages of open-source licensing.


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PowerLoom releases contain:

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Current PowerLoom snapshots: Top

Snapshots are built from the latest sources in our repository. They are the most current and run through a set of tests but are not as thoroughly tested as stable releases.

Last stable PowerLoom releases: Top

Release Notes Top

Release notes summarize user-visible changes for each PowerLoom release. More detailed code-level change documentation can be found in the files .../sources/powerloom/ChangeLog and .../sources/stella/ChangeLog that are shipped with each release.

Knowledge Bases Top

This is a collection of PowerLoom knowledge bases that are available for inspection and use.

Additional Tools Top

Protégé Frames Language Exporter Top

We have implemented a PowerLoom exporter for the Protégé editor from Stanford University. It can write ontologies using the Protégé frame language in PowerLoom, either fully native or with support for the system concepts from Protégé. The plugin is available as a zip file and should be expanded in the plugins directory of the Protégé installation. The system concepts PowerLoom file is only needed if the export does not use native PowerLoom mode.

Contributions Top

Below is a list of contributions from friends and outside PowerLoom users. They are unreviewed and provided as-is - so, just like everything else, use at your own risk.
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PowerLoom is a registered trademark of the University of Southern California.
Last modified: May 1, 2017