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powerloom-forum @ isi . edu is a mailing list is for discussion and questions concerning the PowerLoom® knowledge representation system. Posts about how to use the language, modeling questions, bug reports are all welcome topics. The list is also used to announce new releases, updates, bugfixes, etc. powerloom-announcements @ isi . edu is a distribution list for announcements of PowerLoom releases, important updates and bug fixes. It is a read-only list that does not accept postings except from the list administrators. The list is intended for people who want to get such announcements but do not want to participate in the more general powerloom-forum mailing list. If you are a member of powerloom-forum you do not need to subscribe to this list also, since all announcements will be broadcast on both mailing lists.


If you have PowerLoom-related questions or problems that are not appropriate for the general powerloom-forum mailing list, please send e-mail to hans AT isi . edu.
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Last modified: Apr 20, 2012