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@ichapter STELLA Manual

This document describes the STELLA programming language. STELLA stands for Strongly-TypEd, Lisp-like LAnguage. It is an object-oriented language that strongly supports symbolic programming tasks. STELLA programs can currently be translated into Common-Lisp, C++ and Java. STELLA programming is best done in an Emacs-based Lisp development environment, which leverages off Lisp's rapid prototyping and incremental development features. Once a STELLA program has matured, it can be translated into C++ or Java to gain extra efficiency, to deliver it as a stand-alone application, or to link it with other programs.

1. Introduction  
2. Installation  
3. The STELLA Language  
4. Programming in STELLA  
5. Library Classes (tbw)  
6. Library Functions  
Function Index  
Variable Index  
Concept Index  

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