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Function Index

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Index Entry Section

*6.2 Numbers

+6.2 Numbers
++6.2 Numbers

-6.2 Numbers
--6.2 Numbers

/6.2 Numbers

1+6.2 Numbers
1-6.2 Numbers
1d-aref on DIMENSIONAL-ARRAY-MIXIN6.19 Miscellaneous
1d-aref-address on DIMENSIONAL-ARRAY-MIXIN6.19 Miscellaneous
1d-aref-setter on DIMENSIONAL-ARRAY-MIXIN6.19 Miscellaneous

2d-aref on 2-DIMENSIONAL-ARRAY-MIXIN6.19 Miscellaneous
2d-aref-address on 2-DIMENSIONAL-ARRAY-MIXIN6.19 Miscellaneous
2d-aref-setter on 2-DIMENSIONAL-ARRAY-MIXIN6.19 Miscellaneous

<6.2 Numbers
<=6.2 Numbers

=6.2 Numbers

>6.2 Numbers
>=6.2 Numbers

abs on FLOAT6.2 Numbers
abs on INTEGER6.2 Numbers
abs on LONG-INTEGER6.19 Miscellaneous
absolute-pathname?6.16 Files
acos6.2 Numbers
activate-demon6.19 Miscellaneous
active? on POLYMORPHIC-RELATION6.19 Miscellaneous
add-configuration-property6.19 Miscellaneous
add-hook6.19 Miscellaneous
add-trace6.19 Miscellaneous
advance on ITERATOR6.12 Iterators
advance-past-whitespace6.19 Miscellaneous
all-classes6.19 Miscellaneous
all-contexts6.19 Miscellaneous
all-defined?6.19 Miscellaneous
all-functions6.19 Miscellaneous
all-included-modules6.19 Miscellaneous
all-lower-case-string?6.4 Strings
all-methods6.19 Miscellaneous
all-modules6.19 Miscellaneous
all-public-functions6.19 Miscellaneous
all-public-methods6.19 Miscellaneous
all-required-systems6.19 Miscellaneous
all-slots6.19 Miscellaneous
all-subcontexts6.19 Miscellaneous
all-surrogates6.19 Miscellaneous
all-symbols6.19 Miscellaneous
all-upper-case-string?6.4 Strings
all-variables6.19 Miscellaneous
allocate-iterator on ABSTRACT-ITERATOR6.19 Miscellaneous
allocate-iterator on CONS6.5 CONS Lists and Trees
allocate-iterator on KEY-VALUE-LIST6.7 Property and Key-Value Lists
allocate-iterator on KEY-VALUE-MAP6.10 Key Value Maps
allocate-iterator on LIST6.6 Lists
allocate-iterator on MEMOIZABLE-ITERATOR6.19 Miscellaneous
allocate-iterator on PROPERTY-LIST6.7 Property and Key-Value Lists
allocate-iterator on STELLA-HASH-TABLE6.9 Hash Tables
allocation on STORAGE-SLOT6.19 Miscellaneous
append6.5 CONS Lists and Trees
apply6.19 Miscellaneous
apply-boolean-method6.19 Miscellaneous
apply-float-method6.19 Miscellaneous
apply-integer-method6.19 Miscellaneous
apply-long-integer-method6.19 Miscellaneous
apply-method6.19 Miscellaneous
apply-string-method6.19 Miscellaneous
asin6.2 Numbers
atan6.2 Numbers
atan26.2 Numbers

base60-to-float6.19 Miscellaneous
break-program6.19 Miscellaneous
bump-log-indent6.19 Miscellaneous
but-last on CONS6.5 CONS Lists and Trees
but-last on LIST6.6 Lists
but-last on VECTOR6.8 Vectors
byte-array-read-sequence6.19 Miscellaneous
byte-array-write-sequence6.19 Miscellaneous

calendar-date-to-date-string on CALENDAR-DATE6.19 Miscellaneous
calendar-date-to-iso8601-string on CALENDAR-DATE6.19 Miscellaneous
calendar-date-to-string6.17 Dates and Times
calendar-date-to-string on CALENDAR-DATE6.19 Miscellaneous
calendar-date-to-time-string on CALENDAR-DATE6.19 Miscellaneous
call-clear-module6.19 Miscellaneous
case3.3.1 Conditionals
cast6.19 Miscellaneous
cc6.14 Context and Modules
ccc6.19 Miscellaneous
ceiling6.2 Numbers
change-context on CONTEXT6.14 Context and Modules
change-context on STRING6.14 Context and Modules
change-module on MODULE6.14 Context and Modules
change-module on STRING6.14 Context and Modules
character-capitalize6.3 Characters
character-code6.3 Characters
character-downcase6.3 Characters
character-to-string6.3 Characters
character-to-string6.4 Strings
character-upcase6.3 Characters
choose3.3.1 Conditionals
cl-slot-value6.19 Miscellaneous
cl-slot-value-setter6.19 Miscellaneous
cl-translate-file6.19 Miscellaneous
cl-translate-system6.19 Miscellaneous
cleanup-unfinalized-classes6.19 Miscellaneous
clear on HEAP6.19 Miscellaneous
clear on KEY-VALUE-LIST6.7 Property and Key-Value Lists
clear on KEY-VALUE-MAP6.10 Key Value Maps
clear on LIST6.6 Lists
clear on PROPERTY-LIST6.7 Property and Key-Value Lists
clear on STELLA-HASH-TABLE6.9 Hash Tables
clear on VECTOR6.8 Vectors
clear on VECTOR-SEQUENCE6.19 Miscellaneous
clear-configuration-property6.19 Miscellaneous
clear-context6.14 Context and Modules
clear-module6.14 Context and Modules
clear-recycle-list6.19 Miscellaneous
clear-recycle-lists6.19 Miscellaneous
clear-system6.19 Miscellaneous
clear-trace6.19 Miscellaneous
clone-memoized-iterator6.19 Miscellaneous
close-all-files6.16 Files
close-stream6.16 Files
clv6.19 Miscellaneous
code-character6.3 Characters
coerce-&rest-to-cons6.19 Miscellaneous
coerce-to-float6.19 Miscellaneous
coerce-to-hash-set6.19 Miscellaneous
coerce-to-symbol6.19 Miscellaneous
collect6.19 Miscellaneous
collection-valued? on SLOT6.19 Miscellaneous
command?6.19 Miscellaneous
component? on STORAGE-SLOT6.19 Miscellaneous
compose-namestring6.19 Miscellaneous
compose-namestring-full6.19 Miscellaneous
compute-calendar-date6.17 Dates and Times
compute-day-of-week6.17 Dates and Times
compute-day-of-week-julian6.17 Dates and Times
compute-julian-day6.17 Dates and Times
compute-module-and-bare-name6.19 Miscellaneous
compute-next-moon-phase6.17 Dates and Times
concatenate on CONS6.5 CONS Lists and Trees
concatenate on ITERATOR6.12 Iterators
concatenate on LIST6.6 Lists
concatenate on SET6.6.1 Lists as Sets
concatenate on STRING6.4 Strings
cond3.3.1 Conditionals
configure-stella6.19 Miscellaneous
cons6.5 CONS Lists and Trees
cons-list6.5 CONS Lists and Trees
cons-tree-match?6.5 CONS Lists and Trees
cons-tree-nth6.5 CONS Lists and Trees
cons-tree-nth-rest6.5 CONS Lists and Trees
consify on CONS6.5 CONS Lists and Trees
consify on HASH-SET6.11 Hash Sets
consify on ITERATOR6.12 Iterators
consify on KEY-VALUE-LIST6.7 Property and Key-Value Lists
consify on KEY-VALUE-MAP6.10 Key Value Maps
consify on LIST6.6 Lists
consify on OBJECT6.19 Miscellaneous
consify on STELLA-HASH-TABLE6.9 Hash Tables
consify on VECTOR6.8 Vectors
consify-command-line-arguments6.19 Miscellaneous
continuable-error6.19 Miscellaneous
copy on CUSTOM-VECTOR-SEQUENCE6.19 Miscellaneous
copy on HASH-SET6.11 Hash Sets
copy on KEY-VALUE-LIST6.7 Property and Key-Value Lists
copy on KEY-VALUE-MAP6.10 Key Value Maps
copy on LIST6.6 Lists
copy on PROPERTY-LIST6.7 Property and Key-Value Lists
copy on STELLA-HASH-TABLE6.9 Hash Tables
copy on STRING6.4 Strings
copy on VECTOR6.8 Vectors
copy on VECTOR-SEQUENCE6.19 Miscellaneous
copy-cons-list6.5 CONS Lists and Trees
copy-cons-tree6.5 CONS Lists and Trees
copy-file6.16 Files
copy-kv-cons-list6.7 Property and Key-Value Lists
cos6.2 Numbers
cpp-translate-system6.19 Miscellaneous
cpptrans6.19 Miscellaneous
create-derived-list6.19 Miscellaneous
create-object6.19 Miscellaneous
create-world6.14 Context and Modules

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