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Built-In Ontology
Loom defines a fundamental ontology for describing concepts, relations and other essential entities. The Built-In-Theory used in Loom version 2.1 is available for inspection.

CLOS Objects
Loom supports interoperation with the Native CLOS object system. A short example of how this can be done has been prepared by Dan Suthers.

Release Notes

Release notes provide an overview of the changes and improvements of Loom since the previous release. In particular, the Loom 2.1 release notes describe the temporal reasoning extensions and changes to the built-in knowledge base. The Loom 3.0 release notes describe changes to the context mechanism. The Loom 4.0 release notes describe units and dimensions. All users should download all release notes from 2.1 to 4.0

Loom Course

PowerPoint Presentations that we have used in the past in Loom courses. There is no running commentary, but there are a number of examples of the use of Loom. The individual sections are available below, or you can get the set of slides in a single PDF file.
Loom is a registered trademark of the University of Southern California.

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