Loom® 4.0 Functions and Objects


Generic Function


  <  number1 number2
  <=  number1 number2
  =  number1 number2
  >  number1 number2
  >=  number1 number2
  /=  number1 number2
  /  number1 number2 number3
  +  number1 number2 number3
  -  number1 number2 number3
  *  number1 number2 number3
  *copyright-notice*  "Loom Software Copyright University of Southern California, 1999. All rights reserved."
  *copyright-year*  1999
  *format-time-4-digit-year-p*  T
  *format-time-include-date-p*  T
  *format-time-long-date-p*  NIL
  *format-time-smallest-unit*  :SECOND
  *format-time-style*  :STRING
  *minimum-digits-for-concept-suffix*  4
  *minimum-digits-for-instance-suffix*  5
  add-to-definition  conceptOrName newclause &optional name
  add-type  instanceOrID conceptOrName &keyword :context :kb :no-error-p
  add-value  instanceOrID roleOrName fillerOrID &keyword :context :kb :no-error-p
  all-inverse-role-values  instanceOrName roleOrName
  all-role-values  instance roleOrName &keyword :dont-remove-duplicates-p :role-name :role-is-object-p
  ask  query &keyword :context :kb :generators :3-valued-p
  call-use-loom  packagename &keyword :dont-create-context-p :context-name :type-of-context :creation-policy :path-name :loom-imports
  cardinality  self
  cc  &optional contextName
  change-context  contextOrName
  change-kb  kbname &keyword :no-checking-p
  change-object  self classOrName
  classified-instance-p  self
  classify-all  &keyword :suppress-statistics
  classify-concept  conceptOrName &keyword :type
  clear-context  &rest arguments
  clear-instance-monitors  instanceOrIdentifier
  clear-kb  &rest arguments
  clos-instance-p  self
  compute-conjunction-concept  conjuncts
  compute-value-restriction  concept relation &keyword :return-a-list-p
  concept-names  conceptOrName
  concept-p  self
  context-p  self
  copy-instance  instance &keyword :identifier :copy-into :context :add-suffix-p
  create  identifier concept &keyword :context :kb :creation-policy :add-suffix-p :suffix-p :clos-instance-p
  create-concept  name type contextOrNil &keyword :dont-list-as-uninterned
  create-skolem-instance  identifier &keyword :type
  createm  identifier concept &keyword :context :kb :creation-policy :add-suffix-p :clos-instance-p
  creation-policy  &optional contextOrPolicy policy
  defaction  name typesofparameters &keyword :filters :missing-method
  default  antecedent consequent
  defconcept  name [documentationString] &keyword is is-primitive implies constraints defaults partitions exhaustive-partitions in-partition predicate function roles indices keys mixin-classes mixin-slots annotations identifier context characteristics
  defcontext  contextName typeOfContext parentContexts &keyword :creation-policy :open-closed-mode :monotonic-p
  define-concept  &rest options
  define-context  name typeofcontext parentcontexts &keyword :creation-policy :open-closed-mode :monotonic-p
  define-interval  &rest options
  define-relation  &rest options
  ms:define-unit  unit &rest units
  ms:define-unit-format  measure &rest format-desc
  definterval  name &body definition
  defkb  name parentkbs &keyword :pathname :path-name :package-name :creation-policy :export-names-p
  ms:defmeasure  measure-name base-expr &keyword :units :format
  defmethod  name &rest definition
  defmonitor  name &keyword :when :perform :schedule :do :achieve :priority
  defproduction  name &keyword :when :provided :perform :schedule :do :achieve :priority
  defproperty  name &body definition
  defreified-relation  name &rest definition
  defrelation  name &body definition
  defset  name &body definition
  delete-all-methods  action
  delete-concept  conceptOrName &keyword :type :delete-merged-concepts-p
  delete-method  &keyword :action :title :method :error-p
  delete-monitor  monitorOrName &keyword :error-p
  delete-production  productionOrName &keyword :error-p
  ms:delete-unit  unit
  destroy  instanceorsymbol &keyword :dont-unintern-p
  destroy-concept  self &keyword :name
  destroy-context  contextOrName
  destroy-ctxt  ctxt
  destroy-kb  kbOrName
  destroym  instanceorsymbol &keyword :dont-unintern-p
  ms:dim<=  &rest args
  ms:dim<  &rest args
  ms:dim=  &rest args
  ms:dim>=  &rest args
  ms:dim>  &rest args
  ms:dim/=  &rest args
  ms:dim+  &rest args
  ms:dim-  &rest args
  ms:dim/  &rest args
  ms:dim*  &rest args
  ms:dim-eql  x y
  ms:dim-equalp  x y
  ms:dim-equal  x y
  ms:dim-expt  dim power
  ms:dim-max  &rest args
  ms:dim-measure  n
  ms:dim-min  &rest args
  ms:dim-number  value unit
  ms:dim-same-units-p  x y
  ms:dim-sqrt  dim
  ms:dim-value  dn &optional unit
  ms:dim-zerop  dim
  direct-dependents  self
  disjoint-concepts-p  concept1 concept2
  do-instances  iterationvar &body body
  do-retrieve  iterationvariables query &body body
  domain  self
  exit-transaction  &optional tag result
  export-knowledge-base-names  knowledgebaseOrName
  export-names-in-context  contextOrName
  fadd-tuple  roleOrName tuple
  fadd-value  instance roleOrName filler
  fail  &optional result
  fask  query &keyword :context :kb :generators :3-valued-p
  fb  behaviorName &optional title
  fc  conceptname &keyword :context :kb
  fget-value  ?instance roleorquotedname
  fi  instancesymbol &keyword :context :kb
  find-action  actionOrName &keyword :no-warning-p
  find-all  term &keyword :context :kb
  find-concept  conceptOrName &keyword :no-warning-p :ignore-package-p :context :kb :match
  find-context  contextOrName &keyword :error-p :match
  find-context-of-instance  instance
  find-ctxt  n
  find-instance  instanceOrName &keyword :no-warning-p :context :kb :ignore-package-p :match
  find-kb  knowledgebaseOrName &keyword :match
  find-method  actionortitle &optional title &rest no-error-p
  find-monitor  monitorOrName &keyword :no-warning-p
  find-named-subconcepts-of-subs  listofsubs
  find-named-superconcepts-of-supers  listofsupers
  find-objects  objectOrName &keyword :type :local-p :no-warning-p :ignore-package-p :context :match
  find-or-create-instance  instanceOrID concept
  find-production  productionOrName &keyword :no-warning-p
  find-relation  relationOrName &keyword :no-warning-p :ignore-package-p :context :kb :match
  find-restriction  concept relation &keyword :defined-restriction :implied-restriction
  find-role-facets  concept relation keywords
  find-subsumers&subsumees  expression &optional context
  find-the  term &keyword :context :kb
  find-user-defined-subconcepts-of-subs  listofsubs
  find-user-defined-superconcepts-of-supers  listofsupers
  forget  &rest propositions
  forget-all-about  self &keyword :dont-unintern-p :destroy-tbox-constant-p
  forget-all-about-m  instanceorsymbol &keyword :dont-unintern-p
  forgetm  &rest propositions
  fp  productionname &keyword :context :kb
  fr  relationname &keyword :context :kb
  fremove-tuple  roleOrName tuple
  fremove-value  instance roleOrName value
  fretrieve  outputvariables query &keyword :context :kb :generators
  fset-value  instance roleOrName filler
  fset-values  instance roleOrName fillers
  get-action  actionOrName &keyword :no-error-p
  get-concept  conceptOrName &keyword :context :kb :no-error-p
  get-context  contextOrName
  ms:get-derived-measures  ms
  get-explicitly-declared-roles  conceptOrName &keyword :direct-p
  get-indices  conceptOrName &keyword :direct-p
  get-instance  self &keyword :kb :error-p
  get-instance  self &keyword :context :kb :error-p
  get-instance-role  instance relation
  get-instances  conceptOrName &keyword :direct-p :asserted-p
  get-inverse-values  instanceOrID roleOrName &keyword :context :no-error-p
  get-keys  conceptOrName &keyword :direct-p
  get-matching-instances  conceptlist role/fillerspairs
  get-method  action title &keyword :no-error-p
  get-monitor  monitorOrName &keyword :no-error-p
  get-name  object
  get-production  productionOrName &keyword :no-error-p
  get-relation  relationOrName &keyword :context :kb :arity :no-error-p
  get-role  objectOrName relationOrName &keyword :no-error-p
  get-role-cardinality  self relation
  get-role-default-values  concept relation
  get-role-facets  conceptid relationid keywords
  get-role-max-cardinality  self relation
  get-role-min-cardinality  self relation
  get-role-strict-values  concept relation
  get-role-types  self relation &keyword :raw-p
  get-role-values  self relation
  get-roles  conceptOrInstanceOrName
  get-subconcepts  conceptOrName &keyword :direct-p :raw-p
  get-subrelations  relationOrName &keyword :direct-p :raw-p
  get-superconcepts  conceptOrName &keyword :direct-p :raw-p
  get-superrelations  relationOrName &keyword :direct-p :raw-p
  get-time-point  timelabel &keyword :no-error-p
  get-types  instanceOrName &keyword :direct-p :asserted-p :raw-p
  get-value  instanceOrID roleOrName &keyword :context :kb :asserted-p :direct-p :no-error-p :no-defaults-p
  get-values  instanceOrID roleOrName &keyword :context :kb :asserted-p :direct-p :no-error-p :no-defaults-p
  html-print-context  context &optional filename &keyword :link-to-built-in-p
  implies  antecedent consequent
  in-context  contextname
  in-kb  kbname
  initialize-network  &keyword :destroy-contexts-p :destroy-kbs-p
  ms:install-dim-number-reader  &keyword :permanent :dispatch :readtable :dispatch-char
  instance-of-p  instance concept
  instance-p  self
  instances  self
  kill-task  task
  label-time-interval  label timeinterval
  label-time-point  label timepoint
  list-context  &rest arguments
  list-depend-ons  concept &keyword :all-p
  list-dependents  concept &keyword :all-p
  list-features  &keyword :dont-display-p :return-possible-features-p
  list-inverse-role-names&values  instance
  list-kb  &rest arguments
  list-merged-concepts  &optional context
  list-methods  action
  list-monitors  &keyword :context :kb
  list-productions  &keyword :context :kb
  list-role-names&values  instance &keyword :include-computed-p
  list-system-defined-concepts  &optional context
  list-tasks  &keyword :priorities
  list-tuples  relation &keyword :asserted-p
  list-undefined-concepts  &optional context
  lite-instance-p  self
  load-kb  knowledgebase &keyword :pathname :path-name
  ms:make-dim-number  &keyword :value :unit :pid
  make-object  classOrName &body initargs
  make-slots-context-sensitive  classname &rest slotlist
  match-instance  instance &keyword :more-specific-p
  max-cardinality  self
  max-value  self
  maximum  self
  ms:measure-named  mn &keyword :error-p
  ms:measure-p  ms
  ms:measuring-p  dim measure
  meta-thing-p  self
  min-cardinality  self
  min-value  self
  minimum  self
  monitor-instance  monitorOrName instanceOrIdentifier
  most-general-concepts  conceptlist &keyword :destructive-p
  most-specific-concepts  conceptlist &keyword :destructive-p
  loom::name  loom-object
  new-ctxt  parents
  new-time-point  &keyword :label
  new-time-point  &keyword :label
  not-instance-of-p  instance concept
  object-name  self
  open-closed-mode  self
  ordered-set-p  concept
  parse-time  time-string &keyword :start :end :error-on-mismatch :default-seconds :default-minutes :default-hours :default-day :default-month :default-year :default-zone :default-weekday
  pb  behaviorName &optional title
  pc  conceptname
  perform  actionname &keyword :returntype :undoable-p
  perform-task  task returnoption
  pf  conceptname &keyword :dont-substitute-names-p
  pi  CL:PI
  pi  instancename &keyword :assertions-only-p
  po  object
  power-level  &optional level
  pprint-object  loomobject &optional stream
  ms:pprint-measure  ms0 &optional stream
  pr  relationname
  ms:print-converted  dim &rest unit-format
  print-methods  action
  push-context  contextOrName
  query  variableList expression
  range  self
  relation-names  relationOrName
  relation-p  self
  remove-from-definition  conceptOrName oldclause &optional name
  remove-type  instanceOrID conceptOrName &keyword :context :kb :no-error-p
  remove-value  instanceOrID roleOrName fillerOrID &keyword :context :kb :no-error-p
  rename-concept  newname conceptoroldname &keyword :type
  restrictions  self
  retrieve  outputvariables query &keyword :context :kb :generators
  safe-mode  &optional setting
  save-context  &rest arguments
  save-context-items  context &keyword :pathname :stream :path-name :relations :concepts :behaviors :instances :rename :rename-package :user :user-name
  save-kb  &rest arguments
  schedule  actionname &keyword :undoable-p :priority
  schedule-task  task
  scheduled-p  task
  set  symbol value
  set-concept-name  concept name
  set-feature  &rest features
  set-features  &rest features
  set-history-limit  timepoint
  set-value  instanceOrID roleOrName fillerOrID &keyword :context :kb :no-error-p
  set-values  instanceOrID roleOrName fillersOrIDs &keyword :context :kb :no-error-p
  show-progress  activitytype
  skolem  &rest ids
  some-role-value  instance roleOrName &keyword :role-is-object-p
  source-definition  conceptOrName &optional name
  subconcept-p  concept1 concept2 &keyword :cant-be-equal-p
  tell  &rest propositions
  tellm  &rest propositions
  test-type-p  instanceOrID typeOrName
  the-context  contextName &keyword :no-error-p
  the-instance  instanceName &keyword :no-error-p
  the-instance-role  objectName relation
  the-relation  relationName arity &keyword :no-error-p
  the-role  objectName relation
  the-role-value  instance roleOrName &keyword :no-error-p :role-is-object-p
  time-add  x y
  time-max  x y
  time-min  x y
  time-p  x
  time-sub  x y
  time<  x y
  time<=  x y
  time=  x y
  time>  x y
  time>=  x y
  transaction  tag &body body
  types  self
  unclassify-concept  conceptOrName &keyword :type
  uncomplete-concept  conceptOrName &keyword :type
  undefconcept  &rest definition
  undefrelation  &rest definition
  undo-task  task
  unmake-object  self
  unmake-object  self
  unmonitor-instance  monitorOrName instanceOrIdentifier
  unset-feature  &rest features
  unset-features  &rest features
  use-loom  packagename &keyword :context-name :dont-create-context-p :dont-create-knowledge-base-p :type-of-context :creation-policy :path-name :loom-imports
  user-defined-p  self
  value-type  self
  where-is-it  input &keyword :partitions
  why  premise &keyword :triples-p
  with-context  contextOrName &body body
  with-default-features  &body body
  with-feature-changes  (&keyword :set :unset) &body body
  with-features  (&rest features) &body body
  ms:with-unit-format  format-desc &body body
  within-context  contextOrName &body body
  without-productions  &body body
  world-time  &optional time suffix

© 1998 by the University of Southern California. All rights reserved.

Permission is granted to reproduce this work royalty-free provided this copyright notice is preserved on all copies.

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