delete-concept [Function]


The delete-concept function deletes a concept or relation.


delete-concept concept &key type delete-merged-concepts-p


The concept argument is a concept or relation, or the name of a concept or relation.

The type argument is the keyword :concept or :relation. It is needed when concept is a symbol that names both a concept and relation.

If concept has merged into some other concept, then if the delete-merged-concepts-p argument is t, both concepts will be deleted. Otherwise, the concepts will be unmerged and only concept will be deleted.


The delete-concept function normally returns concept. If merged concepts were deleted, then a list of these concepts is returned.


For each dependent of concept---that is, each concept whose definition directly or indirectly references concept---delete-concept asks if that dependent may be deleted. The concept itself is only deleted after the user has approved deletion of all dependents.


(delete-concept 'A) ==> |C|A 
(delete-concept 'r :type :relation) ==> |R|R 
(defconcept C :is B) 
(delete-concept (fc C) :delete-merged-concepts-p t) ==> (|C|B |C|C)

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Last modified: Jun 1 1995