fb [Macro]


The fb macro performs an exhaustive search for the action, method, or production having a specified name. It should be used interactively rather than in application code because it is much slower than find-action, find-method, or find-production.


fb behaviorOrTitle &optional title


The behaviorOrTitle argument is a Lisp form which either names a behavior (an action, method, or production), or evaluates to a behavior or behavior name. If it is a symbol, special characters (e.g., wildcards) are interpreted as in fc, and package prefixes are optional because the search extends across packages. If it is a string, it is taken to be a method title.

The title argument is a string which titles a method.


The fb function returns the action, method, or production with the specified name, or nil if none is found.


If behaviorOrTitle and title are supplied, fb searches for a method of behaviorOrTitle having the specified title. If behaviorOrTitle is a title, then fb searches for any method at all having the title title. Otherwise, fb searches for an action or production named behaviorOrTitle.


(fb move) ==> |ACTION|MOVE 
(fb bottom-kb\^{\space}move "move box") ==> |METHOD|MOVE-"move box" 
(fb "move box") ==> |METHOD|MOVE-"move box" 

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Last modified: Jun 1 1995