find-kb [Function]


The find-kb function finds the knowledge base having a specified name.


find-kb knowledgeBase &key no-warning-p


The knowledgeBase argument is a knowledge base, or a symbol or string that names a knowledge base. This function operates in a package-independent manner, so it is not necessary to specify the package in which a knowledge base name resides.

If the no-warning-p argument is t, then no warning is issued if knowledgeBase is not a knowledge base, symbol, or string.


The find-kb function returns the knowledge base, or nil if no knowledge base with the specified name can be found.


(find-kb 'upper-structure-kb) ==> |K|UPPER-STRUCTURE-KB 
(find-kb "USER-KB" :no-warning-p t) ==> |K|USER-KB

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Last modified: Jun 1 1995