get-indices [Function]


The get-indices function returns the indices attached to a given concept. These indices accelerate retrieval based on the values of specified roles of the concept.


get-indices concept &key direct-p


The concept argument is concept, or the name of a concept.

If the direct-p argument is t, only indices directly defined on concept are returned. Otherwise, inherited indices are also returned.


The get-indices function returns a list of indices, where each index is identified by either a role name or a list of role names.


(defconcept A :indices (r)) 
(defconcept B :is-primitive A :indices ((s1 s2))) 
(get-indices 'A) ==> ((|R|R)) 
(get-indices 'B) ==> ((|R|R) (|R|S1 |R|S2)) 
(get-indices (fc B) :direct-p t) ==> ((|R|S1 |R|S2))

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Last modified: Jun 1 1995