list-depend-ons [Function]


The list-depend-ons function lists all concepts that are directly or indirectly referenced by the definition of a given concept.


list-depend-ons concept &key all-p


The concept argument is the concept or relation from which a chain of dependencies is to be computed.

If the all-p argument is t, then dependencies are followed through implications and defaults, as well as through definitions.


The list-depend-ons function returns a list of the concepts and relations on which concept directly or indirectly depends.


(defconcept A :is (:all r B)) 
(defconcept B :implies (:at-least 1 s)) 
(defrelation r :range C) 
(list-depend-ons (fc A)) ==> (|C|B |R|R) 
(list-depend-ons (fc A) :all-p t) ==> (|C|B |C|C |R|R |R|S)

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Last modified: Jun 1 1995