load-kb [Function]


The load-kb function restores a knowledge base from Loom source definitions saved in a file. This file may contain definitions of concepts, relations, instances, and behaviors. Normally, the file will have been created by save-kb.


load-kb knowledgeBase &key path-name


The knowledgeBase argument is the knowledge base to be restored, or a symbol or string which names that knowledge base.

The path-name argument is a string that specifies the file to be used for restoring knowledgeBase. This defaults to the file that was associated with knowledgeBase when that knowledge base was defined. If no file was associated with knowledgeBase, a warning is issued.


The pathname of the loaded knowledge base is returned.


(defkb test-kb nil :path-name "test-kb.lisp") 
(load-kb 'test-kb) ==> "test-kb.lisp" 
(load-kb "TEST-KB" :path-name "dump.lisp")  ==> "dump.lisp"

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Last modified: Jun 1 1995