perform-task [Function]


The perform-task function performs a specified Loom task.


perform-task task returnOption


The task argument is the task to be performed. The task was originally created when a production fired, or when there was an explicit call to perform or schedule.

The returnOption argument specifies what kind of value the task should return. The options are :value, :success-p, or :task. See perform for a description of these options.


The return value of perform-task is determined by the returnOption argument (see above).


Tasks may be performed as a result of a call to perform-task or, more commonly, as a result of an explicit or implicit call to new-time-point. After instance classification and production firing, new-time-point performs all queued tasks in order of their priority. In the current version of Loom, the highest-priority task is the one at the front of the highest-priority queue.


(setq t1 (schedule (move (fi box3)))) 
(perform-task t1 :value) ==> |I|BOX3 
(perform-task t1 :success-p) ==> T 
(perform-task t1 :task) ==> |TASK|(MOVE |I|BOX3)

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Last modified: Jun 1 1995