remove-type [Function]


The remove-type function removes a concept from the type of a given instance.


remove-type instance concept &key kb no-error-p


The instance argument is an instance, or an instance identifier.

The concept argument is the concept, or the name of the concept, being removed.

The kb argument is the knowledge base, or the symbol or string that names the knowledge base, where the lookup of instance and concept begins. This defaults to the current knowledge base.

If the no-error-p argument is t, then error messages are suppressed.


If the update is successful, the newly-removed concept is returned. If no-error-p is set and instance (or concept) cannot be found, the two values nil and :missing-instance (or :missing-concept) are returned.


This function does not cause instance to be reclassified.


(tellm (:about Joe Rich Married)) 
(remove-type 'Joe 'Rich) ==> |C|RICH 
(remove-type (fi Joe) (fc Married) :kb "USER-KB") ==> |C|MARRIED 
(remove-type 'Joe 'xxx :no-error-p t) ==> NIL :MISSING-CONCEPT 
(pi Joe) --> (TELL (:ABOUT JOE THING))

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Last modified: Jun 1 1995