subconcept-p [Macro]


The subconcept-p macro is the basic Loom subsumption test for classified concepts.


subconcept-p concept1 concept2 &key cant-be-equal-p


The concept1 and concept2 arguments are classified concepts or relations.

If the cant-be-equal-p argument is t, Loom does not perform an equality test on the two concepts when determining whether one specializes the other.


The subconcept-p macro returns t if concept1 and concept2 are identical, or if concept1 lies directly or indirectly below concept2 in the subsumption hierarchy.


(subconcept-p (fc Bachelor) (fc Bachelor)) ==> T 
(subconcept-p (fc Bachelor) (fc Man)) ==> T 
(subconcept-p (fc Bachelor) (fc Thing) :cant-be-equal-p t) ==> T 
(subconcept-p (fr daughter) (fr child)) ==> T 
(subconcept-p (fc Integer) (fc Non-Loom-Thing)) ==> T 
(subconcept-p (fc Dog-Cat) (fc Incoherent)) ==> T

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Last modified: Jun 1 1995