KOJAK Link Discovery System

KOJAK is an integrated suite of link discovery tools that perform tasks such as: KOJAK generally operates on data represented by labeled graphs where nodes represent typed entities such as persons, organizations, events, etc. and links represent different kinds of relationships between these entities (such graphs are also referred to as semantic graphs or attributed relational graphs). Graphs might be represented explicitly, or implicitly as views over relational data (e.g., stored in an RDBMS). Optionally, graphs can be enhanced with background ontologies and logic-based inferencing supported by the PowerLoom KR&R system.

The software components outlined above are prototypes at different levels of maturity. At this time, only the KOJAK Group Finder software is being released. KOJAK UNICORN and SimpleRel are actively being developed and will become available next.

KOJAK-Related Publications


The KOJAK Group Finder manual is available in the following formats: For other formats such as the Emacs info format look in the sources/KOJAK/doc directory of the KOJAK release.

Questions and Comments

KOJAK development and maintenance has concluded and the software is not available for download anymore. For any remaining questions or comments please send mail to hans @ isi . edu.
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