Ontologies for Loom®

Useful ontologies and some example Loom® knowledge bases are provided here.
Example Knowledge Bases
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The following ontologies are Loom versions of upper-level ontologies that may be of interest to the Loom user community.
SUMO Ontology
Thanks to David Flater at NIST, a Loom 4.0 translation of a subset of the Suggested Upper Merged Ontology is now available. For more information, please see the PDF documentation.

CYC Sensus
The CYC-Sensus context contains a Loom translation of the HPKB upper ontology prepared by the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute and Cycorp, Inc. This product resulted from an alignment between the SENSUS upper model and the Cyc Upper Ontology. The reference version was created in MELD and translated automatically into Loom.

Copyright © 1997 Cycorp, Inc. All rights reserved. Although this material is available for public use, it is legally not 'Public Domain.' Therefore, please acknowledge Cycorp, 3721 Executive Center Dr., Austin, TX 78731 in any use or citation of this material, which includes renamings and other logically equivalent reformulations of the material in any natural or formal language. The latest version of the Cyc Upper Ontology is available for browsing or downloading at www.cyc.com

Example Knowledge Bases

The following are example knowledge bases in Loom format.
Aircraft KB
The Aircraft Knowledge Base was initially designed to demonstrate features of the Loom language for use in the Ontosaurus browser. It makes extensive use of relation hierarchies and classification of types of aircraft. This KB should work in Loom 3.0 and Loom 4.0. This KB cannot be loaded into the same Loom image as the units version.

Aircraft KB with Units
The Aircraft Knowledge Base with Units is a modification of the Aircraft Knowledge Base which adds units and dimensions to the quantities such as length, range, weight, etc. Since it uses units, it will only work properly in Loom 4.0. This KB cannot be loaded into the same Loom image as the version without units.

Naval KB
The Naval Knowledge Base contains information from open sources about naval vessels for many countries from the early 1990s. The models make extensive use of enumerated sets and ordered sets to define concepts, as well as partitions. This uses units and dimensions, so it requires Loom 4.0.

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