Virtual Environments for Training

Photos courtesy of K. Gallaway

The Virtual Environments for Training project is a collaboration between the Center for Advanced Research in Technology for Education (CARTE), Lockheed AI Center and USC Behavioral Technology Laboratories developing training systems that integrate virtual reality and intelligent tutoring technologies. Training takes place within a virtual environment, using tracked head-mounted displays and input devices such as 3D mice and data gloves.

Training materials developed using VET typically incorporate simulated devices that respond to actions performed by the user, such as pressing buttons and turning dials. Trainees learn to perform operations and maintenace tasks by practicing those tasks on the virtual devices.

USC / ISI is developing a pedagogical agent called Steve (Soar Training Expert for Virtual Environments) that supports the learning process. Steve agents can demonstrate skills to students, answer student questions, watch the students as they perform the tasks, and give advice if the students run into difficulties. Multiple Steve agents can inhabit a virtual environment, along with multiple students. This helps make it possible to train students on team tasks.

Steve pointing out a power light to the student

Shots of STEVE in Action

Latest Version of Software

If you have the right password, you can obtain a copy of Steve.

Team Members

Lewis Johnson, PI

Jeff Rickel

Marcus Thiebaux

Richard Angros


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Relevant Prior Publications

This project is fun!

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