Richard Angros

I'm a graduate student at the University of Southern California and do research at USC's Information Sciences Institute. I'm working on authoring procedures for the Virtual Environments for Training project in the Center for Advanced Research in Technology for Education.


My primary research interest is in specification. I'm interested in what to specify and how to specify it. Some questions I'm interested in are how to maximize the use of existing knowledge and how to make the acquisition of new knowledge as easy as possible. I'm also interested in systems that can present their knowledge in an intelligible manner so that people can understand and verify the system's behavior.

A sub-area that interests me is Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS). Not only must these systems do a good job of explaining their domain knowledge, but they may also require additional information to support tutoring strategies. A real issue is making knowledge specification easy for domain experts, who might not be expert programmers.

My dissertation deals with acquiring knowledge of procedural tasks for an agent that teaches human students. In particular, I focus on understanding demonstrations of machine maintenance tasks when given minimal domain knowledge. To augment demonstrations, I use autonomous experiments and user interaction.


As an undergraduate, I went to the University of California San Diego , where I attended Revelle College. I received degrees in Bioengineering and Computer Science.

Since graduation, I've worked discrete event simulation, embedded real-time processing, and embedded operating system emulation. Most recently, I worked in the portion of Hughes Aircraft Company that merged with Raytheon .


I've devotedly followed UCLA basketball since I was twelve.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Work: (310) 334-7038