In this project we will study the impact on learning of a particular type of multimedia presentation: presentations enhanced with student-authored digital puppets. We propose to develop an authoring tool that students use to create puppet-enhanced presentations for their peers, in a manner that promotes learning at both a cognitive and a metacognitive level, and assess the role of the digital puppets in achieving these learning outcomes.


The initial demonstration project was completed and at this time there is no further development under this project designation. However, some of the technology from this project has been transferred to the Socially Intelligent Agents project.


K-12 education, presentations, authoring, multimedia, animation, persona


  • W. Lewis Johnson
  • Erin Shaw
  • Catherine M. LaBore
  • Karyn Cordova
  • Joe Chiu
  • Nancy Chang
  • Cynthia Chen
  • Brett Rutland
  • Teresa Dey
  • Paola Rizzo, University of Rome "La Sapienza"


  • K12 Agents - USC/ISI