The Expressive Speech Project is developing advanced speech synthesis technology for use in training simulations, emphasizing both high quality and rich expressive prosody. We utilize limited domain synthesis techniques, applied to expressive speech samples. We augment the standard limited domain synthesis approach by selecting units with desired prosodic characteristics. We plan to augment this with pitch modification techniques to further increase the expressive range of the synthetic voices. Our work is inspired by expression in drama.
This project is sponsored by the USC Institute for Creative Technologies, and is conducted in collaboration with the USC Speech and Image Processing Institute


October 4, 2003 -- We recently collected speech data for a new expressive voice, and are in the process of building a new synthesizer based on that data.


pedagogical agents, speech synthesis


  • W. Lewis Johnson
  • Catherine M. LaBore
  • Richard Whitney
  • Jamison Moore
  • Shrikanth Narayanan, USC School of Engineering
  • Murtaza Bulut, USC School of Engineering


  • Army Research Laboratory