How to plug the hard disk in robot?

  1. Plug the hard disk into robot;
  2. Turn on power, hit del key to set the environment so it can see the hard disk
  3. Reboot the robot, using the os "5.1+DOC"

How to use wireless pcmcia on robot?

  1. Change /etc/pcmcia/config.opts to change the domain so it can be either point-to-point or to ISI's domain;
  2. Use the command "cardctl scheme r2d2" to change the name of the robot you can do "cardctl eject" then a "cardctl insert" to reset pcmcia;
  3. Now, you can telnet to ISI's machines.

How to load linux5.1 onto the robot's DOC?

0. What you need is the hard disk that has 51.+DOC and dos.
1. Boot in dos, "cd doc2000\1.21\ap012" "dformat /win:d800 /s:doc2.fff /y"
2. Boot in 5.1+DOC
3. use fdisk to partition /dev/fla
    /dev/fla1  66M (for linux)
    /dev/fla2   6M (for swap)
4. mke2fs /dev/fla1
   mkdir /disconchip /* if it does not exist */
   mount /dev/fla1 /diskonchip

NOTE: to be able to boot from HDD when DOC is pluged in, you have use DOS facility:
    dformat /win:d000 /s:doc2.fff
    dformat /win:d800 /s:doc2.fff

whether it d000 or d800, use "docpmap /i" to find out

To be able to boot from both HDD and DOC, you have to format DOC:
    dformat /win:d800 /s:doc110.exb
and then use plilo and boot.b (see Appendix II of IM-DOC-021)

You can follow Appendix I: Making a root file system
then follow section 5.1.4: copying kernel and boot stuff

5. "cd /diskonchip"
   "sh /root/copy2doc" script to copy stuff from hd to doc (section5.1.3)

   OR do the following:

   use "cp -dpR" to copy /etc /dev /bin /lib /sbin
   create on /diskonchip: /boot /usr /usr/lib /mnt /var
     /var/{log, lock,run} /proc /root /home
   other services needed aer:
 inetd, telnet, in.telnet, ftp, vi, adduser, passwd
   for telnet we need:
 /usr/sbin/{tcpd, in.identd, intelnetd}

6. update /diskonchip/etc/fstab

   /dev/fla1 / ext2 defaults 1 1
   /dev/fla2 swap swap defaults 0 0
   /proc /proc proc defaults 0 0

7. cd /diskonchip
   chroot /diskonchip /sbin/ldconfig

8. copy the kernel /doc2000 to /diskonchip/boot
   copy other stuff from /boot to /diskonchip/boot
 (follow instruction in setion 5.1.4)

 cd /diskonchip
 mkdir boot
 cp /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/zImage boot/doc2000
 rdev boot/doc2000 /dev/fla1
 cp /tmp/doc-driver/plilo sbin
 cp /tmp/doc-driver/boot.b boot
 cp /tmp/doc-driver/lilo.conf etc
 sbin/plilo -C etc/lilo.conf -i boot/boot.b -m boot/map

9. update lilo.conf
   the lilo.conf file may look like this:


10. cd /; umount /dev/fla1
11. Reboot into dos, "cd doc2000\1.21" "dupdate /win:d800 /s:doc121.exb"
12. Reboot the machine and disable HDD in BIOS setup
13. Linux will boot now from diskonchip.