Job Opening: Full-time Ph.D. Level Researcher

The Intelligent Systems Division of the Information Sciences Institute (ISI) at the University of Southern California has an immediate opening for a Ph.D. level researcher to work on a new project on user interface development tools. This exciting project, called MASTERMIND, under the leadership of Dr. Pedro Szekely, will develop a novel paradigm for constructing user interfaces called the model-based approach. In the model-based approach, interfaces are automatically generated from a declarative model that describes the desired features of the interface. The work will involve designing and developing all the components of the model-based interface development environment: the language for describing interfaces, the run-time components that generate interfaces from the model, visual techniques for constructing models interactively, design critics and advisors that help designers build good interfaces, and optimization tools that compile models into efficient representations.

The focus of the successful candidate's efforts will be to take responsibility for investigating this new research area and building novel user interface development tools. The candidate will join a team of experienced user interface researchers from ISI and our collaborators at Georgia Tech. A strong background in user interface tools and techniques is required, and a working knowledge of artificial intelligence techniques and human factors is highly desirable. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated experience with C++ and one or more user interface toolkits.

Publishable research will be performed in a collaborative, project- oriented setting involving significant contact with both internal and external users of the systems to be built; good written and verbal communication skills are therefore highly desirable.

The University of Southern California - Information Sciences Institute (ISI) is located in Marina del Rey, and is a esearch facility of the School of Engineering. ISI has produced top quality research in a wide range of research areas, such as networking, artificial intelligence, software engineering and hardware. ISI maintains close academic ties with the School of Engineering; a number of Ph.D. students are involved in conducting their graduate research here. The Intelligent Systems Division at ISI is a collaborative group of about 40 researchers working on many areas including knowledge representation, planning, natural language, intelligent agents, intelligent tutoring, simulation and others.

Please reference #167207 and send your resume with a list of references to Lisa Moses, USC/ISI, 4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 1001, Marina del Rey, CA 90292. Email to

USC is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.