(The Silver Medal Winner in the Robot Competition at AAAI96)

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Yoda, JEDI Master

YODA robots

YODA, Young Observant Discovery Agent

(See the resemblence? . . .)

The YODA project at USC/ISI consists of a group of young (and one not so young) researchers who share a passion for autonomous systems that can bootstrap their knowledge of real environments by exploration, experimentation, learning, and discovery. Our goal is to create a mobile agent that can autonomously learn from its environment based on its own actions, percepts, and missions.


Wei-Min Shen , Jafar Adibi, Bonghan Cho, Gal Kaminka, Jihie Kim, Behnam Salemi, Sheila Tejada

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PBS Scientific American Frontier Program (sheduled on air April 9, 1997)

The 1 minute Quicktime Movie (14M) of the piece on YODA shown as a part of the PBS Scientific American Frontier Program

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