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LSAM general:

"The LSAM Proxy Cache - a Multicast Distributed Virtual Cache" (project overview)
J. Touch, (submitted to the 3rd International WWW Caching Workshop, Manchester, England, June 15-17, 1998.

"Proactive Web Caches"
J. Touch, K. Obraczka, A. Hughes, A. Oswal.
Presented as a poster at the NLANR Web Cache Workshop, Boulder CO, June 1997.
See also white paper submission.

Web performance:

Effects of Ensemble-TCP
Lars Eggert, John Heidemann, Joe Touch.
Submitted ACM Computer Communication Review, October 1999.

Application-Level Differentiated Services for Web Servers
Lars Eggert, John Heidemann.
Technical Report 99-695, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.
In World Wide Web Journal, Volume 3 (1999), Issue 2, pages 133-142.

Issues in TCP Slow-Start Restart After Idle
Amy Hughes, Joe Touch, John Heidemann, (work in progress) ISI, March, 1998.

Ongoing TCP Research Related to Satellites
Mark Allman, Dan Glover, Jim Griner, Keith Scott, Joe Touch, Diepchi Tran (work in progress), March 1998.

Avoiding the TCP TIME_WAIT state at Busy Servers
T. Faber, J. Touch and W. Yue, (working draft), ISI, Sept. 1997.

TCP Control Block Interdependence
J. Touch, RFC-2140, ISI, April, 1997. Also available in ASCII text.

Performance Interactions Between P-HTTP and TCP Implementations
J. Heidemann, ACM Computer Communications Review, April 1997, pp. 65-73.

Modeling the Performance of HTTP Over Several Transport Protocols 
John Heidemann, Katia Obraczka, and Joe Touch,
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, V5, N5, Oct. 1997, pp.616-630.

Multicast Transport Mechanisms: A Survey and Taxonomy
K. Obraczka, (more info to appear)

Under revision:

Analysis of HTTP Performance
J. Touch, J. Heidemann, and K. Obraczka
(in prep. as an ISI tech report).

Rate Based Pacing for TCP 
(preliminary draft)

Improving Restart of Idle TCP Connections 
V. Visweswaraiah and J. Heidemann
(in revision).

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