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WWW::Search is a collection of Perl modules which provide an API to WWW search engines like AltaVista, Lycos, Hotbot, WebCrawler, and so on. Currently WWW::Search includes back-ends for variations of AltaVista, Lycos, and HotBot. We include two applications built from this library: AutoSearch (an program to automate tracking of search results over time), and a small demonstration program to drive the library. Back-ends for other search engines and more sophisticated clients are currently under development.

WWW::Search includes AutoSearch, an program to automate web-based searches.

WWW::Search requires Perl5 and libwww-perl. For information on Perl5, see http://www.perl.com. For libwww-perl, see http://www.sn.no/libwww-perl/. Both are also available from the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN). Visit http://www.perl.com/CPAN/ to find a CPAN site near you.

CHANGE OF MAINTAINER: After version 1.024 (June 1999), maintence of WWW::Search has passed to Martin Thurn. The NEWEST versions will now appear in CPAN. Download newest WWW-Search from CPAN.

(Windows users may want to go to Jim Smyser's page for self-installing windows versions of this release.)

(Prior releases: 1.024, 1.023, 1.022, 1.021, 1.020, 1.019, 1.018, 1.017, 1.016, 1.015, 1.014, 1.013, 1.012, 1.011, 1.010, 1.009, 1.008, 1.007, 1.006, 1.005, 1.004, 1.003, 1.002, 1.001).

You may wish to join info-www-search, the WWW::Search mailing list. To do so, send a message with the body ``subscribe info-www-search'' to majordomo@isi.edu.

Because web search engines change format often, the test suite is run daily against the most recent release. If you have problems, please check these daily test runs and send mail to the mailing list.

Change History

1.002:  (11 October 1996)
- First public release.

1.004:  (31 October 1996)
- new:  AutoSearch, a client application (see below for details)
- new:  WWW::Search is now in CPAN (see GETTING WWW::Search for details)
- bug fix:  installation problem (no rule to make CLIENTS/search) fixed

1.005:  (12 November 1996)
- new: back-ends for HotBot, Lycos, and several AltaVista variants
- new: application support for search-engine selection
- new: application and library support for search-engine options

1.006:  (25 November 1996)
- private beta release, see 1.007 for list of new features

1.007: (17 December 1996)
- new: back-ends for Dejanews (from Cesare Feroldi de Rosa),
	Infoseek (also from Cesare Feroldi de Rosa),
	and Excite (from GLen Pringle)
- new: more fields in SearchResult (score, dates, etc., see the man page)
	(problem found by Cesare Feroldi de Rosa)
- new: better error handling on network failures
	(AutoSearch should report errors on its pages,
	$search->response() provides an API for error reporting)
- new (internal):  user_agent handling has changed
- new:  proxy support added to WWW::Search (still needed in applications)
	(problem and fix suggested by T. V. Raman)
- bug-fix: numerous documentation updates
	(problems found by Larry Virden)
- bug-fix: AltaVista web search was occasionally dropping hits
	(problem found by Larry Virden, fixed by Bill Scheding)
- bug-fix: all non-alphanumeric characters are now escaped
	(problem found by Larry Virden)

1.008:  (8 January 1997)
- private alpha release, see 1.009 for list of new features

1.009:  (14 January 1997)
overview:  1.009 is primarily a maintenance release to accommodate
	changes to LWP and some search engines.
- change:  search application renamed WebSearch (a more specific name)
- bug-fix:  the WWW::Search error in formatting is fixed
	(problem found by Larry Virden, fix by him and johnh)
- bug-fix:  RobotUA handling updated for new LWP in Search.pm
- bug-fix:  update for Infoseek (page format changed about 1 Jan 97)
	(problem found by Joseph McDonald, fix by Cesare Feroldi de Rosa)
- bug-fix:  update for Excite (page format changed about 9 Jan 97)
	(problem found by Juan Jose Amor, fix by GLen Pringle)

1.010: (20 August 1997)
overview:  an interim release to fix AltaVista
- new: normalized_score, a back-end independent score (from Paul Lindner)
- new: generic options are supported by several back-ends
	(specify search engine URL, debugging, etc.)
- new: AltaVista back-end now sets SearchResult::raw
- bug-fix: update for AltaVista (page format changed Jul 97)
	(some information wrt fix provided by Guy Decoux)

1.011:  (8 October 1997)
- internal alpha release, see 1.012 for list of new features

1.012:   (3 November 1997)
- Overview:  an alpha release for test-suite testing
- new: for testing, HTTP results can be saved to disk and played back
- new: test scripts (try "make test")
- bug-fix: Lycos works again and is now maintained by John Heidemann
- bug-fix: AltaVista advanced and news searches have been repaired
- bug-fix: some uninitialized value warnings suppressed
	(fix suggested by R. Chandrasekar (Mickey))
- new: new back-ends PLweb
- new: documentation for PLweb (contributed by Paul Linder)
- new: new back-ends: Gopher, Simple (contributed by Paul Linder)
- new: WWW::Search mailing list:
	to subscribe, send "subscribe info-www-search" as
	the body of a message to <info-www-search-request@isi.edu>

1.013, (19 February 1998)
overview:  this is an alpha release to include Martin's new back-ends

- bug fix:  HotBot back-end updated by Martin Thurn <mthurn@tasc.com>
- new:  Yahoo back-end now works, by Martin Thurn <mthurn@tasc.com>
- problem: several back-ends don't work (Lycos)
- problem: several back-ends don't have test suites and
	so may or may not work (DejaNews, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, PLweb,
	SFgate, Verity, Yahoo)
- reminder: WWW::Search mailing list:
	to subscribe, send "subscribe info-www-search" as
	the body of a message to <info-www-search-request@isi.edu>

1.014, (24 March 1998)
overview:  this is an alpha release to fix the AltaVista/Lycos back-ends
- bug fix:  AltaVista/Lycos back-ends
	(problem reported by Bilal Siddiqui <bilal.siddiqui@mankato.msus.edu>)
- known problem: some back-end test suites give intermittent results
- problem: several back-ends don't have test suites and
	so may or may not work (DejaNews, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, PLweb,
	SFgate, Verity, Yahoo)

1.015, (2-Apr-98)
overview:  this is an alpha release with several new back-ends
- new: back-ends: Magellan, WebCrawler (thanks to Martin Thurn)
- bug fix:  Yahoo/HotBot/Excite back-ends,
	with test suites.  Many thanks to Martin Thurn.
- bug fix:  AltaVista news test suites have been relaxed,
	even though the code worked before, the test suites
	used to report false negatives.
- bug fix: AltaVista is now more careful to detect the end of
	a hit's raw HTML
- new: the test suite has been enhanced to be less sensitive
	to changes in what's indexed
- problem: several back-ends don't have test suites and
	so may or may not work (DejaNews, Infoseek, PLweb,
	SFgate, Verity)
- reminder: WWW::Search mailing list:
	to subscribe, send "subscribe info-www-search" as
	the body of a message to <info-www-search-request@isi.edu>

1.016, 21-May-98
overview: this is an alpha to fix HotBot/Infoseek
- bug fix: Infoseek/HotBot back ends now work again.
	(HotBot problem reported by Alan McCoy <a.r.mccoy@larc.nasa.gov>,
	both back-ends fixed by Martin Thurn)
- addition: Infoseek test suite
- addition: test output now includes the version number

1.017, 27-May-98
overview:  this is the public release since 1.012
- bug fix: Lycos bug fix

1.018, 31-May-98
overview:  back-end updates
- bug fix: Excite and WebCrawler (by Martin Thurn),
	AltaVista (by John Heidemann)
	updated 30-May-98
- known bugs:  WWW::Search doesn't work on MacPerl because of
	end-of-line differences.  A fix for this problem is in
	progress.  (Problem identified and fix suggested by 
	Chris Nandor.)

1.019, 25-Jun-98
overview:  back-end updates
- bug fix: test suite bugs were causing false negatives on
	Yahoo, Excite, Magellan, WebCrawler (reported by Martin Thurn,
	fixed John Heidemann)
- new feature:  the test suite is now run daily (automatically).
	Output can be found at
- new feature: verbose mode of WebSearch is more verbose
- bug fix: AltaVista was recording the RealName URL on some queries
	(bug reported by Vassilis Papadimos <vpapad@dblab.ece.ntua.gr>)
- bug fix: AltaVista wasn't correctly reporting change_time/size 
	(bug and fix from Martin Valldeby <martin.valldeby@pakom.se>)

1.020, 12-Aug-98
overview:  lots of bug fixes and new back-ends
- bug fix:  maximum_to_retrieve now works for very small values.
	(Problem identified by Vidyut Luther <vluther@hpctc.org>.)
- new back-ends: ExciteForWebServers, FolioViews, Livelink, MSIndexServer,
	Null, Search97
	all from Paul Lindner (thanks!)
- bug fix:  Gopher, PLweb, SFgate, Simple, Verity from Paul Lindner
- bug fix:  Lycos from John Heidemann
- new test suites:  PLweb, FolioViews, Null, MSIndexServer, Search97,
	SFgate, ExciteForWebServers rom Paul Lindner
- bug fix:  HotBot repair from Martin Thurn

1.021, 27-Aug-98
overview:  a general release
- new:  Windows installation is now supported by
	Jim Smyser <jsmyser@bigfoot.com>; please see his web
	page <http://pubinfo.phx.primenet.com/www.search/>
	for details.
- new:  MacPerl should now be supported.  Thanks to Chris Nandor
	for the problem and a fix.
- bug fix:  Infoseek, WebCrawler, Dejanews, HotBot by Martin Thurn
- bug fix:  AltaVista approx_count bug found by
	Darren Stalder <darren@u.washington.edu>
- bug fix: documentation cleanups from Neil Bowers

1.022, 16-Oct-98
overview:  An interim release to fix several broken back-ends.
- bug fix: documentation cleanups from Ave Wrigley
- bug fix: Infoseek updates (from Martin Thurn)
- bug fix: AltaVista update (minor format changes Oct. 1998,
	partial fix from Andreas Borchert)
- new: back ends for Crawler, Fireball, NorthernLight from Andreas Borchert

1.023, 11-Dec-98
overview:  primarily bug fixes for back ends
- new: proxy support added to WebSearch and AutoSearch
	(based on code from Paul Linder)
- new: new back end for Snap.com (from Jim Smyser)
- bug fix:  Yahoo, HotBot, Excite, Lycos (from Martin Thurn),
	NorthernLight (from Jim Smyser)

1.024, 15-Jun-99
- BUG FIX:  HotBot (from Martin Thurn)
- NEW: Profusion (from Jim Smyser)
- BUG FIX:  documentation clarification on required SearchResult fields
	(based on comment from Chris P. Acantilado

- BUG FIX:  Excite, WebCrawler, Infoseek (from Martin Thurn).
	Infoseek::News and ::Companies are broken.
- NEW: Metapedia, ZDNet, Open Directory, HotFiles (from Jim Smyser)
- NEW: Lycos now supports advanced queries (from Jim Smyser)
- BUG FIX: Profusion, NorthernLight, Snap (from Jim Smyser)

- NEW MAINTAINER:  Future WWW::Search releases will come from
	Martin Thurn .
	The paucity of releases in the last six months has been
	because I've been way to busy to maintain it.
	Unfortunately, WWW::Search requires a fair amount of
	maintenence.  I trust that Martin will be able to
	give it the attention it needs.  THANKS!   -John


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