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Research Assistant - NLP & KA - Natural Language Understanding and Knowledge Acquisition (position # 1039)Apply Now
This position is available immediately.
Posted on September 16, 2020
The Language Understanding and Knowledge Acquisition Lab has openings for part-time research assitantship to work in the research area of representation learning for NLU, NLG and automated knowledge acquisition from structured or unstructured data. The research assistant should be highly motivated to lead an individual research project that will be developped to a research paper published in a top-tier venue (employed trainees of this position have successfully published papers in top-tier conferences such as ACL, EMNLP, SIGIR, etc.), should have good proficiency in a deep learning framework such as PyTorch or Tensorflow. Ideally, the candidate is expected to have solid experiences with NLP packages such as Huggingface, AllenNLP, or graph representation learning packages such as DGL. This is a paid position for up to 20 hours per week. Interested applicants please apply though this website, at the same time fill in the questionaire at

Applications can be submitted year round and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
AI Developer - Center on Knowledge Graphs - AI Companions for Learning Data Science (position # 1071)Apply Now
This position is available immediately.
Posted on November 29, 2022
Our team is working on Knowledge Needed in Context (KNIC). KNIC is a project about building AI companions that learn from experienced data scientists (knowledge producers) and help novices learn new data science skills (knowledge consumers). Students working on the project will work on several broad tasks such as creating a knowledge store focused on data science, identifying when to ask a knowledge producer a question (and what question to ask), and what information to provide to a knowledge consumer to help them learn the new task, and when to supply it. Ideal candidates will have expertise in Python, NLP tools (huggingface, PyTorch), and Web crawling/extraction (BeautifulSoup, spaCy).