Association for Machine Translation in the Americas


(MT in a growing field of language technologies)

The Sheraton Bucks County Hotel
Langhorne, Pennsylvania
October 28-31, 1998


Evaluating Language Technologies: The MULTIDOC Approach to Taming the Knowledge Soup
Jörg Schütz & Nübel, IAI, Saarbrücken

Multi-Subject Constructions in the multilingujal MT-System CAT2
Munpyo Hong, IAI, Saarbrücken

An Ontology-Based Approach to Parsing Turkish Sentences
Murat Temizsoy & Ilyas Cicekli, Bilkent University

EMIS: A Multilingual Information System
Bärbel Ripplinger, IAI, Saarbrücken

Quality and Robustness in MT--a Balancing Act
Bianka Buschbeck-Wolf & Micheal Dorna, IMS, Stuttgart University

Implementing MT in the Greek Public Sector
Athanassia Fourla & Olga Yannoutsou, Institute for Language and Speech Processing, Greece

Lexicons as Gold: Mining, Embellishment and Reuse
Keith Miller & David Zajic, The Mitre Corporation

Lexical Choice and Syntactic Generation in a Transfer System
Claudia Gdaniec, IBM

Sentence Analysis Using a Concept lattice
Lebelo Serutla & Derrick Kourie, University of Pretoria

Rapid prototyping of domain-specific machine translation systems
Martha Palmer & Owen Rambow, IRCS, University of Pennsylvania

Easy English: Addressing Structural Ambiguity
Arendse Bernth, IBM

Translation with Finite-State Devices
Kevin Knight & Yaser Al-Onaizan, Information Sciences Institute, USC

Can Similtaneous Interpretation Help Machine Translation
Dan Loehr, Georgetown University

Integrating Query Translation and Document Translation in a Cross-language Information Retrieval System
Guo-Wei Bian & Hsin-Hsi Chen, National Taiwan University

Robust Semantic Interpretation of Japanese Parse Trees
Ulrich Germann, Information Sciences Institute, USC

Machine Translation in Context
Kurt Godden, General Motors

Fast Document Translation for Cross-language Information Retrieval
Scott McCarley & Salim Roukos, IBM

An Open Transfer Translation
Jorge Kinoshita, Universidade de São Paulo

Yet Another Chinese-English Machine Translation Ststem
Liu Qun, Chinese Academy of Science; Yu Shiwen, Peking University

When Stalhandski Becomes Steelglove
Pernilla Danielsson & Katarina Mühlenbock, Göteborg University

The Application of Machine Translation to Automotive Assembly Process Planning
Nestor Rychtyckyj, Ford Motor Co.

Improving Translation Quality by Manipulating Sentence Length
Laurie Gerber, SYSTRAN Systems Inc.; Eduard Hovy, Information Sciences Institute, USC

An Evaluation of the Multi-Engine MT Architecture
Christopher Hogan & Robert Frederking, Language Technologies Institute, CMU

Ordering Translation Templates by Assigning Confidence Factors
Zeynep Öz & Ilyas Cicekli, Bilkent University

Taxonomy and Semantic Processing--From the Perspective of Machine Readable Dictionaries
Jason Chang, Mathis Chen, National Tsing Hua University; Sue Ker, Soochow University

Twisted Pair Grammar: Support for Rapid Development of Machine Translation for Low Density Languages
Douglas Jones, NLP Research Branch, DOD

Predicting What MT is Good for: User Judgements and Task Performance
Kathhryn Taylor & John White, Litton PRC & FIDUL

Time-Constrained Machine Translation
Janine Toole, Davide Turcato, Fred Popowich, Dan Fass & Paul McFetridge, Simon Fraser University

Parallel Strands: A Preliminary Investigation into Mining the Web for Bilingual Text
Philip Resnik, University of Maryland

A Multilingual Procedure for Dictionary-based Sentence Alignment
Adam Meyers, Ralph Grishman, New York University; Michiko Kosaka, Monmouth University

Monolingual Translator Workstation
Guy Bashkansky, IBM--Haifa; Uzzi Ornan, Technion

System Description/Demo of Alis Translation Solutions: Overview
Kathleen Levesque & Steve Allan, Alis Technologies Inc.

System Description/Demo of Alis Translation Solutions: Application--Multilingual Search and Retrieval
Kathleen Levesque & Steve Allan, Alis Technologies Inc.

SYSTRAN on AltaVista: A User Study of Real-time Machine Translation on the Internet
Jin Yang & Elke Lange, SYSTRAN Software Inc.

A Prototype Interlingua-based Machine Translation System from English to Turkish
Dilek Hakkani, Gökhen Tür, Kemal Oflazer, Bilkent University;
Teruko Mitamura, & Eric Nyberg, Carnegie Mellon Universtiy

System Demonstration: SYSTRAN Enterprise
Christian Raby, SYSTRAN Software Inc.

Statistical Approach for Korean Analysis: A Methoid Based on Structural Patterns
Nari Kim, IRCS, University of Pennsylvania

Finding the Right Words
Flo Reeder & Dan Loehr, The Mitre Corporation

Machine Translation among Languages with Transitivity Divergences Using the Causal Relation in the Interlingual Lexicon
Yukiko Alam, San Francisco State University

A Modular Approach to Spoken Language Translation for Large Domains
Monika Wosczcyna, Matthew Broadhead, Donna Gates, Marsal Gavalda, Alon
Lavie Lori Levin Alex Waibel, Carnegie Mellon University

A Thematic Hierarchy for Efficient Generation from Lexical-Conceptual Structure
Bonnie Dorr, Nizar Habash & David Traum, UMIACS, University of Maryland

Logos8 System Description
Brigitte Orliac, LOGOS

Revision of Morphological Analysis Errors by Person Name Construction Model
Hiroyuki Shinnou, Ibaraki University

Integrating Tools with the Translation Process
Edith Westfall, TRADOS Corporation

Sakhr Arabic-English Computer-Aided Translation System
Achraf Chalabi, Sakhr Software

Reusing Translated Terms to Expand a Multilingual Thesaurus
Rocio Guillen, California State University--San Marcos

A Comparative Study of Query and Document Translation for Cross-language Information Retrieval
Douglas Oard, University of Maryland

Lexical Selection for Cross-Language Applications
Bonnie Dorr & Maria Katsova, UMIACS, University of Maryland

Enhancing Automatic Acquisition of the Thematic Structure in a Large-scale Lexicon for Mandarin Chinese
Mari Broman Olsen, Bonnie Dorr & Scott Thomas, UMIACS, University of Maryland

The LMT Transformational System
Micheal McCord & Arendse Bernth, IBM

SYSTRANET Online Translation Services
Laurent Pontegnier, SYSTRAN Software, Inc.

Spicing Up the Information Soup
Steve McLaughlin & Ulrike Schwall, Lernout & Hauspie

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