Timorese Decoding and Translation Contest

Welcome to the First International Timorese Decoding and Translation Contest!

Eligibility: Anyone who doesn't speak a Timorese language is eligible! (The language in this contest is called "Tetun")
You can enter solo or as a two-person team.

We provide:

To enter:

Results will be scored by an impartial observer not affiliated with the Price-Waterhouse Corporation.


Unbelievable prizes (decoding books, personal organizers, certificates of ingenuity, and more) will be awarded for:

Important Dates:

Contest starts right now!
Contest ends Thursday, September 30th, at 12:00 noon PST.
Results will be posted Friday, October 1st,  at 4:00pm PST.
There will be free food Friday afternoon and participants can pretend to speak Timorese if they want.
Address any contest-related questions to Kevin Knight (knight@isi.edu).
  1. Warning: the correct answers may be somewhere on the web (as non-Timorese speakers, we used some international-relations documents to build the contest).  Please avoid looking up the answers there!
  2. It's certainly possible to work manually, in the style of the traditional pencil-and-paper code breaker.  You may want to develop some simple software tools/scripts to help you search through the sample translations, however.  If you want to make tools available to others, or if you want to share data-crunching results, please send e-mail. For example, here is a tool that will retrieve Timorese-English sentence pairs containing a user-specified word or phrase.
  3. Enter if you can!  Not only can you win a great prize, but you can contribute significantly to machine translation research and to increased communication among the peoples of the world!
  4. A small get-your-feet-wet puzzle is also available with answers.
Free East Timor!