Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Spring 2010

Class Details

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:00
Location: KAP 166
(The sister course, CS 562, Statistical Natural Language Processing (also known as Empirical Methods in NLP), is offered in the Fall semesters. You can take these two courses in either order.)


Eduard Hovy
Jerry Hobbs
Zornitsa Kozareva
Liang Huang

Guest Lecturers:

Ulf Hermjakob
Kenji Sagae



Date Instructor Lecture
January 12 Hovy Introduction to NLP
January 14 Hovy Generation 1: Overview and Realization by Phrasal Expansion
January 19 Hovy Generation 2: Probabilistic Realization
January 21 Hovy Generation 3: Text Structure
January 26 Hovy Generation 4: Macro and Microplanning for NLG
January 28 Hovy Generation 5: Generator Control: The Role of Pragmatics
Assignment 1 is out. Due on Feb 24th
February 2 Hobbs Logic for representing natural language
HW1, Due Feb 4th, Beginning of class
February 4 Hobbs The syntax and compositional semantics of clauses
HW2, Due February 11, Beginning of class
February 9 Ulf Hermjakob Shift Reduce Parsing
February 11 Hobbs The syntax and compositional semantics of noun phrases
HW3, Due February 16th, Beginning of Class
February 16 Hobbs Coordination and comparison
HW4, Due February 18th, Beginning of Class
February 18 Hobbs Inference for question-answering
HW5, Due February 23rd, Beginning of Class
February 23 Hobbs Coreference, metonymy, and discourse structure
February 25 Kenji Sagae Data-Driven Dependency Parsing
March 2 Huang Context-Free Grammars; The Power of Recursion; Chomsky Hierarchy
March 4 Huang CKY Algorithm; Knuth 77 Algorithm
March 9 Huang Binarization; Parsing as Deduction and Intersection; Earley Algorithm
HW6, Due Tuesday March 23rd.
files: toy.pcfg grammar.pcfg test.txt
March 11 Kozareva Information Extraction
March 16 Spring Break
March 18 Spring Break
March 23 Kozareva Named Entity Recognition
Assignment 2 is out.
System's output, source code and description due on April 10th.
Presentation due on April 13th.
Oral Presentation on April 15th.
March 25 Kozareva Named Entity Recognition with Weka
March 30 Kozareva Named Entity Discrimination
April 1 Kozareva Semantic Class Learning (1)
April 6 Kozareva Semantic Class Learning (2)
April 8 Kozareva Text Mining 3: Towards Open Information Extraction from the Web
April 13 Hovy Applications 1: Machine Translation 1
April 15 Hovy Applications 2: Machine Translation 2
April 20 Hovy Applications 3: Information Retrieval
April 22 Hovy Applications 4: Speech Recognition
April 27 Hovy Applications 5: Text Summarization and QA
Final Assignment Due 7th May
April 29 Hovy Closing: Topics in Psycho- and Neurolinguistics