Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Spring 2012

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Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:00
The sister course, CS 562, Statistical Natural Language Processing (also known as Empirical Methods in NLP), is offered in the Fall semesters. You can take these two courses in either order.


Eduard Hovy
Zornitsa Kozareva


Dirk Hovy

Guest Lecturer:

David Traum, ICT


Classes from Previous Years

Syllabi and materials from previous years. Since those pages are no longer maintained, there is no guarantee of completeness.


Date Instructor Lecture
January 10 Hovy Introduction to NLP (notes)
January 12 Hovy Sematics: Representations and Ontologies (notes)
January 17 Hovy Generation 1: Overview and Realization by Phrasal Expansion (notes)
January 19 Hovy Generation 2: Probabilistic Realization (notes)
Assignment 1 is out
Due date: Sun, Feb 12!
January 24 Hovy Generation 3: Text Structure (notes) (slides)
January 26 Hovy Generation 4: Macro and Microplanning for NLG (notes)
January 31 Kozareva Information Extraction (slides)
February 2 Kozareva Classification Algorithms: Decision Trees, k-NN (slides)
February 7 Kozareva Classification Algorithms: Perceptron. Features. Introduction to Weka (slides)
February 9 Kozareva Name Entity Discrimination, Clustering (slides)
Assignment 2 is out
February 14 Kozareva Semantic Class Learning (slides)
February 16 Kozareva Graph Algorithms. Application to Semantic Class Learning. (slides)
February 21 Kozareva Assignment 2 Overview (slides)
February 23 Kozareva Question Classification (slides)
February 28 Kozareva Textual Entailment (slides).
Download Homework#2 Test Data
March 1 Kozareva Paraphrase Acquisition (slides)
Assignment 2 Due Date is Today!
March 6 Kozareva Attribute Extraction from Query Logs, Web Documents and Wikipedia
March 8 David Traum Introduction to Dialogue Systems (slides)
Assignment 3 is out
Download data for Assignment 3
March 13 Spring Break
March 15 Spring Break
March 20 Hovy Pragmatics: Generator Control (notes)
March 22 Kozareva Event Extraction and Reordering
March 27 Kozareva Deciphering Substitution Ciphers
March 29 Kozareva Sentiment, Reviews and Regression Analysis
Assignment 3 Due Date is Today!
April 3 Hovy Applications 1: Information Retrieval notes
April 5 Hovy Applications 2: Text Summarization notes
April 10 Hovy Applications 3: Machine Translation I notes
April 12 Hovy Applications 4: Machine Translation II notes
April 17 Hovy Applications 5: Speech Recognition notes
April 19 Hovy A New Model of Semantics
April 24 Hovy Topics in Psycho- and Neurolinguistics notes
April 26 Hovy and Kozareva Closing