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International Computer Science Institute (ICSI)

NewArch Project:
Future-Generation Internet Architecture

Under DARPA funding, USC/ISI, MIT LCS, and ICSI collaborated on a DARPA-funded research project to reconsider the Internet architecture in the light of present realities and future requirements.

Introductory Paper {Postscript, PDF} .

NewArch Final Technical Report {Postscript, PDF} .

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Papers and talks produced by tne NewArch project:

Bibliography of Interesting Papers Relevant to Network Architecture

Contacts: Bob Braden (ISI), Noel Chiappa (Consultant), Dave Clark (MIT), Ted Faber (ISI), Aaron Falk (ISI), Mark Handley (ACIRI), Scott Shenker (ACIRI), Karen Sollins (MIT), John Wroclawski (MIT),

Last updated: 12 Sept 2003 RTB