Two veteran researchers win highest ISI honors

April 13, 2001

Bob Braden and Eduard Hovy are the newest ISI Fellows.

The award was instituted in 1999 to honor a limited number of ISI personnel who have achieved a high level of external distinction through notable contributions to science and/or technology, according to ISI Executive Director Herbert Schorr.

Braden was recognized for his long history of contributions to both the Internet and the networking community. Braden played a leadership role in the Internet Engineering and Research Task Forces (IETF and IRTF) since their inception, serving as the IETF RFC co-Editor and the IRTF End-to-End Research Group chair. He played a critical role in the development of many of the key network protocols - such as the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), the Transport Control Protocol (TCP), and the Reservation Protocol (RSVP).

"The shape and success of today's Internet owe a great deal to Bob." said Schorr.

Hovy was recognized for work that made him a world leader in natural language, where he is noted for his significant impact across such areas as language generation, machine translation, text summarization, ontology development and maintenance, and multimedia interfaces.

"Ed leads through his research results, his helping to set the agenda for the field by articulately enunciating new questions, his management of influential software prototyping efforts, and the very active role he plays at the highest levels of key professional organizations," said Schorr.

The pair will hold their new ISI Fellow titles simultaneously with their existing titles, benefits and responsibilities.