ISI (and ICT) Women WiSE up

January 19, 2007

ISI's impressive roster of non-male IT professionals hosted a delegation from USC's Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) organization.

Mary Hall was the ISI host for the January 18 affair, which drew women not just from ISI but from the nearby USC Institute for Creative Technology.

The event — which Hall and others hope to repeat at least yearly — grew out of an invitation from WISE program manager Nicole Hawkes, who works in the office of USC Provost Max C.L. Nikias.

"WiSE works with Deans and Departments in the USC College and the Viterbi School of Engineering to increase the number for women faculty in science and engineering, and to support their professional development," Hawkes wrote in an invitation.

"WiSE is also a valuable resource for students seeking paid research opportunities, faculty mentorship, and subsidies (for travel to conferences and child care) that enable the increased representation of women in science and engineering. In addition, WiSE is actively working to raise its profile on campus and to raise awareness about the important role of diversity and gender equity in achieving academic excellence through the sponsorship of lectures, affinity groups, and activities on campus.

Since many of the WiSE activities occur on the University Park Campus, it may be difficult for interested faculty, staff, and students from ISI and ICT to attend. For this reason, we wanted to gather a group together in Marina del Rey to extend the WiSE network and to share information about the work being done on both campuses. "

The meeting had no formal agenda but "we had a lot of good talk and shared experiences. I think it was a very positive event," said Hall.
WiSE women: (l-r) Jacki Morie, Elaine Chew, Jean Morrison, Belinda Lange, Diane Piepol, Nicole Hawkes, Kristina Lerman, Mary Hall, Jihie Kim, Jacqueline Chame, Judith Hirsch