Ohlander Takes the Cake

January 25, 2007

ISI acknowledged the longtime outstanding service of retiring Deputy Director Ron Ohllander with a reception January 24 that drew a capacity crowd of about 100 well-wishers.

Ohlander, a Navy veteran with degrees in both computer science (Carnegie-Mellon) and business management (U.Oklahoma) had been with the Institute for 21 years.

During Ohlander's years as executive officer of the ISI ship, his work played a lead role in huge gains in research revenue for ISI, and creaton of cost-cutting initiatives while also improving job security for our most talented individuals.

He was a recipient of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering Service Award, among many others.

Before coming to ISI in 1987, Ohlander for decades headed the basic AI research program at DARPA as an active duty naval officer.

His oral history of this work is at http://www.cbi.umn.edu/oh/pdf.phtml?id=215

ISI executive director Herb Schorr right, salutes Ohlander at farewell reception.