News - 2003

Harth Answers Semantic Web Challenge

December 11, 2003 ISI newcomer Andreas Harth has been honored in an international competition for semantic web projects, for his work on a system that enables collaboration in online communities. Read More >

Psychologist Joins ISI; Will Work on AI Language Tutoring Project

December 11, 2003 UMass Amherst psychology professor Carole Beal has joined ISI, working with Lewis Johnson in the Center for Advanced Research on Technology in Education (CARTE) Read More >

AI Expert Paul Cohen Joins ISI as Deputy Division Director

December 11, 2003 UMass Amherst scientist Paul Cohen has joined ISI to serve as deputy director of the Intelligent Systems Division. Read More >

AI-Grad Team's Knowledge-mining Work Wins NIST Honors

December 11, 2003 In search of smarter search technology, two ISD grad students and their advisor won second-place honors recently in one of the competition tracks of the annual Text REtrieval Conference (TREC). Read More >

Desktop Manufacturing for Home Desks

November 24, 2003 A University of Southern California inventor has created a machine that can produce three-dimensional "printouts" in plastic and even metal more quickly and cheaply than widely-used existing systems. Read More >

ISI Web Search Agents Find WI 2003 Conference Grand Prize

November 6, 2003 A graduate student and an ISI Senior Project leader brought back a "best paper" prize from a recent IEEE Conference on Web Intelligence and Artificial Agents. Read More >

Cyberdefender Comes to ISI

October 16, 2003 Computer Security Expert Terry V. Benzel has joined the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute. Read More >

USC/UCB 'Mini-Internet' Testbed Will Improve Defenses Against Net Attacks

October 9, 2003 A three-year, $5.46 million grant from the National Science Foundation will establish a testbed to evaluate and improve defenses against Internet-spread computer worms, viruses and denial-of-service attacks, as part of a two-pronged $10.8 million NSF anti-cybercrime initiative. Read More >

Carl Kesselman Newest ISI Fellow

September 25, 2003 Computational Grid pioneer Carl Kesselman has been named an ISI Fellow, and is the fourth to receive the distinction instituted in 1999 to honor a limited number of USC Information Sciences Institute personnel who have achieved a high level of external distinction through notable contributions to science and/or technology. Read More >

Proteus Web Service Engine Changes Shape to Grant Wishes

August 28, 2003 A Microsoft-funded initiative at USC has developed a powerful new suite of Web service tools for science and commerce. Read More >

The Seismic Matrix, Loaded: Earthquake Engineering Grid Alive and Simulating

August 1, 2003 On Wednesday, July 30, as scientists all over the country looked intently on, a synthetic earthquake shook a half-real building. Read More >

Computer Language Translation System Romances the Rosetta Stone

July 24, 2003 University of Southern California computer scientist Franz Josef Och has developed a single system that can translate between any two languages. Read More >

Schorr Named to AHF Hall of Fame Advisory Board

July 24, 2003 Herbert Schorr, Executive Director of the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute, was named to the Advisory Board of the Automation Hall of Fame July 24. Read More >

Navy Signs $5.74 Million Software Contract With USC-Led Team

July 14, 2003 The Office of Naval Research will spend $5.74 million to expand the use of software for coordinating air operations and maintenance, developed by the University of Southern California and Vanderbilt University, to the Marine Corps' entire lineup of tactical aircraft, USC announced July 21, 2003. Read More >

AI Expert Jeff Rickel: 1963-2003

July 8, 2003 USC computer scientist Jeff Rickel, a "rising star" in the field of artificial intelligence, died Sunday, July 6, of complications of cancer. He was 40 years old. Read More >

World Technology Network Recognizes ISI Researchers

July 3, 2003 World Technology Network Recognizes ISI Researchers Read More >

USC Researchers Build Machine Translation System — and More — For Hindi in Less Than a Month

June 30, 2003 In less than a month, researchers at USC's Information Sciences Institute and collaborators nationwide built one of the world's best systems to translate Hindi text into English and query Hindi databases using English questions. Read More >

ISI Marks 20th Anniversary of Domain Name System

June 26, 2003 A group of computer scientists gathered June 23 to mark the 20th anniversary of the now universally-used Domain Name System (DNS), which was invented at USC's Information Sciences Institute and first tested on that date in 1983. Read More >

Modi Wins Meritorious Service Award

June 6, 2003 Six-Year ISI Veteran Honored for AI Grads Work Read More >

New FPGA Program Techniques Kick 'But'

June 2, 2003 Almost since they were first invented, the reconfigurable computing platforms called "Field Programmable Gate Arrays" have had a reputation: "Good idea in theory, but..." Now, a University of Southern California computer scientist says two advances her team will report June 4 "will kick a lot of 'but,'" and help to bring FPGAs into the computing mainstream. Read More >

Who's in the Loop? USC Tool Maps the Email Labyrinth

May 22, 2003 Researchers at the University of Southern California have created a new tool for organizing and visualizing collections of electronic mail. It is designed to help legal researchers, historians, archivists, and others faced with challenges in dealing wtih large email archives. Read More >

To buy, or not to buy? Meet the Hamlet Airfare Algorithm

April 4, 2003 It's a classic dilemma for air travelers in today's world of wildly varying ticket prices: Buy now, or wait for a better deal and take the risk that the price will go up? Read More >

ISI Names Dr. Paul Mockapetris Visiting Scholar

March 27, 2003 Internet pioneer Paul Mockapetris, chief scientist of IP address infrastructure software provider Nominum, has been appointed Visiting Scholar by the Postel Center for Experimental Networking (PCEN), PCEN director Joseph D. Touch announced March 31. Read More >

Robo-Thespians Help Mothers of Kids with Cancer

March 24, 2003 Cartoon figures animated by robotic artificial intelligence can help mothers cope with the stresses associated with caring for a child who has cancer. Read More >

Shen and Will Win Phi Kappa Phi Faculty Awards

March 10, 2003 Robotics experts Wei-Min Shen and Peter Will were among four USC School of Engineering faculty honored at the 2003 USC academic convocation. Read More >

Harder Working Transistors Through Automated FPGA Compiling

February 21, 2003 What if hardware that was optimized for video decompression to play DVDs could be re-optimized, easily and almost instantaneously, to do high-security encryption of personal data for the internet? Read More >

Supercomputer Vision Comes into Focus at HPCC

February 20, 2003 A vision long nourished by ISI Executive Director Herbert Schorr is now bearing tangible scientific fruit on the campuses of the University of Southern California. Read More >

Fuji Xerox Veteran Joe Sullivan Joins ISI in Planning Post

February 20, 2003 Joe Sullivan has joined USC's Information Sciences Institute as Manager of Strategic Development. Read More >

A Laurel Wreath for an AI Expert

February 6, 2003 One of the world's most distinguished universities recently honored one of ISI's newest researchers. Read More >

Building a House without Human Hands

January 9, 2003 University of Southern California researchers are at work on a fundamentally new way to build houses and other structures, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Read More >

ISI Grid Research in Special Issue of M.I.T. Technology Review Magazine

January 8, 2003 The collaborative work of Carl Kesselman, director of Information Sciences Institute's Center for Grid Technologies, has been singled out as transformative by M.I.T.'s influential monthly, Technology Review. Read More >