News - 2005

Student Game Designers Show Off Work for Industry Judges

December 22, 2005 It was the very first student game presentation day for the Viterbi School's GamePipe Laboratory education program, and it was a full one: 53 students showed 14 projects to an audience of 12 industry judges. Read More >

John Granacki Honored as Exemplar of Disruptive Innovation

December 19, 2005 ISI's John Granacki and his collaborator Ted Berger of the Viterbi School Center for Neural Engineering have been recognized by EE Times in its "Great Minds, Great Ideas Project." Read More >

ISI-Co-developed Globus Toolkit Books $13.3 Million NSF Commitment

November 28, 2005 Carl Kesselman of ISI and Ian Foster of the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory will lead a five-year effort to sustain and enhance the Globus Toolkit, the open-source grid software they created that underpins a rapidly increasing number of large information-intensive science projects in the U.S. and abroad. Read More >

ISI Researcher Joins Young Colleagues Mulling Future of Science in Budapest

November 18, 2005 ISI's Patrick Pantel was part of an elite group of ten young scientists representing the United States at the November 10-12 World Science Forum in Budapest. Read More >

Annenberg Foundation Puts ISI Disaster Rebuilding Technology on Fast Track

November 17, 2005 ISI researcher Behrokh Khoshnevis has received a grant from the Annenberg Foundation to support intensified research on Contour Crafting, an innovative robotic construction technology that promises to reconstruct areas destroyed in tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes or other disasters in weeks rather than months or years. Read More >

ISI Digital Government Research Center Will Share $1 Million NSF Internationalization Grant

November 11, 2005 The Digital Government Research Center (DGRC), headquartered in USC's Information Sciences Institute, will partner on a $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation aimed at encouraging international collaboration on digital government issues. Read More >

ISI Cyber Security Expert Receives Joint Appointment at Marshall School

October 14, 2005 Terry V. Benzel, a nationally recognized expert in computer security and cyber terrorism, has been named a research scientist at the University of Southern California's Institute for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection. ICIIP is an Organized Research Unit and Center of Excellence at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. Read More >

ImmuneAttack Game Will Teach High School Biology

October 12, 2005 USC's GamePipe Laboratory, in which ISI is a partner, has begun work on its first R&D contract: a $272,000 effort funded by the National Science Foundation to improve K-12 biology teaching. Read More >

Juniper Networks Announces Participation in DETER Testbed

September 27, 2005 Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR) has announced its participation in the Cyber Defense Technology Experimental Research (DETER) testbed operated by the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California and funded by the Department of Homeland Security and the National Science Foundatio Read More >

Computing Spaces for Work in Space

September 13, 2005 Holland-born robotic controls specialist Mark Moll will be responsible for simulation and software development on ISI's new SuperBot project Read More >

Grammar Lost Translation Machine In Researchers Fix Will

September 9, 2005 The makers of a University of Southern California computer translation system consistently rated among the world's best are teaching their software something new: English grammar. Read More >

Tactical Linguist Wins DARPA Distinction

August 15, 2005 W. Lewis Johnson, director of the Center for Advanced Research in Technology for Education (CARTE) at USC's Information Sciences Institute, is one of only two 2005 winners of DARPA "significant technical achievement" awards. Read More >

AI Gamers Visit ISI in Droves, Facilitated by Award-Winning Support Effort

August 12, 2005 In June, a conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE) in Marina del Rey attracted specialists in the two disciplines from all over the country - and half of them came to visit ISI. Read More >

Museum Goers Teach Common Sense to Computers

July 25, 2005 A University of Southern California project is recruiting Internet users and museum visitors to give computers basic knowledge about the everyday human world. Read More >

USC Voice-to-Voice Translation Machine Perfects Bedside Manner

June 28, 2005 ISI natural language research has played a key role in the creation of a still-rudimentary but working two-way voice translation system that allows an English-speaking doctor to talk to a Persian-speaking patient. Read More >

Not Old School: Researcher Finding IT Solutions for K-12 Problems

June 1, 2005 USC's Information Sciences Institute, long known for its research and development on the Internet and computer science, has embarked on a new challenge: K-12 Education. Read More >

MOSIS Free-Chips-for-Students Program Nears Quarter Century Mark

May 25, 2005 In August, 2005, ISI's MOSIS brokerage service will mark the 25th anniversary of a program that manufactures test prototypes of chips designed by student engineers free of charge. Read More >

Contour Crafter Wins $1500 Best Paper Prize

April 29, 2005 Post-doctoral researcher Dooil Hwang has received top honors in the 2005 Institute of Industrial Engineers Student Paper Competition. Read More >

ISI Grad Student Counsels Venice High Botballers

April 14, 2005 The Venice High School Botball team is a player, thanks in part to an ISI graduate student. Read More >

Falk Appointed to Influential Internet Chairmanship

March 25, 2005 Computer scientist Aaron Falk is the new Chair of the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF). USC Information Sciences Institute Executive Director Herb Schorr congratulated Falk, a project leader in ISI's computer networks division, on the appointment. Read More >

ISI leads R—-D effort to build computer advisors for combat commanders

March 8, 2005 University of Southern California researchers have begun work on a $12 million computational control system to help combat commanders make quick, accurate decisions in critical situations. Read More >

Thinking Small

March 3, 2005 USC's Information Sciences Institute will partner in a new center, directed by ISI Fellow Peter Will, that will work with local aerospace companies to design, build and launch a new, smaller and less expensive class of satellites. Read More >

Voting Systems Institute Established at DGRC

February 1, 2005 Against a background of continuing controversy about the reliability, security, and accuracy of voting technology, the USC Information Sciences Institute- headquartered Digital Government Research Center (DGRC) and the Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) today announced the creation of a new institute, the Voting Systems Institute (VSI), to support a growing grassroots effort to develop objective test standards for tamperproof, verifiable, and technologically sound voting systems. Read More >

Arabic-Teaching Videogame Ships Out to Iraq-Bound Soldiers

January 28, 2005 A University of Southern California videogame designed to teach soldiers Arabic - quickly - is now going into the hands of Iraq- bound troops. Read More >

ISI Co-Pioneered Software Moves From Toolkit to Consortium, from Science to Business

January 25, 2005 The open source grid software package Carl Kesselman of the USC Information Sciences Institute co- developed with colleagues in the Globus Alliance has now received formal endorsement by the world's leading IT companies. Read More >