News - 2007

Freshman Engineering Academy Students Visit ISI

November 30, 2007 Dozens of Viterbi School of Engineering freshmen poured off a bus and explored the corridors of the School's Information Sciences Institute on a November Friday. Read More >

ISI Map/Data Mashup Tech Fuels Startup

November 1, 2007 Grants from four separate government agencies totally approximately $1 million are funding research carried on both at ISI and an ISI/Viterbi USC spin-off company, Geosemble Technologies, Inc., located in El Segundo, California. Read More >

Grid Expertise Undergirds Climate Change Nobel

October 15, 2007 The Grid, co-developed at ISI and Argonne National Laboratories, has played a key role in IPCC climate change research, recognized October 11 by a Nobel Peace Prize shared with former Vice President Al Gore. Read More >

62 Days + Almost 3 Billion Pings + New Visualization Scheme = the First Internet Census Since 1982

October 8, 2007 Researchers at the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute, one of the birthplaces of the Internet decades ago, have just completed and plotted a comprehensive census of all of the more 2.8 billion allocated addresses on the Internet — the first complete effort of its kind in more than two decades, they say. Read More >

$5M DHHS Grant to Childrens Hospital Will Spur ISI Research on Pediatric Emergency Response

October 5, 2007 Childrens Hospital's Dr. Jeffrey S. Upperman, who has long collaborated with ISI's Robert Neches on designs for next- generation pediatric emergency response systems, has just received a $5 million grant from the Department of Health and Human Services to develop such a system. Read More >

Air Force Visitor Travels to ISI to Mark Transition for Tran

September 28, 2007 ISI researcher John Tran, also known as Captain John J. Tran, California National Guard Ready Reservist, finished five years in the Computational Services Division with a martial flourish. Read More >

NSF Funds Rev Up Pegasus Grid Workflow Engine

September 20, 2007 Ewa Deelman's ISI team will use its share of a 3-year $1.7 million NSF Office of Cyberinfrastructure grant to improve the usability and breadth of support of their automated task organization and execution system. Read More >

ISI Software to Blow Away the Fog of War Excels in Trials

September 13, 2007 The plan was for company A to secure the northern approach to the target, a suspected enemy concentration, but company A is bogged down in traffic. The commander frowns at the map visible on his combat computer; but opens an option screen. And the USC Viterbi School Information Sciences Institute Coordinators system has suggestions, complete with pre-set orders for all the units that will be affected. Read More >

Presentations Shine at 2nd Annual ISD Grad Student Symposium

August 29, 2007 Impressive scientific imagination and effective showmanship by graduate students working at the ISI Intelligent Systems Division were on view at an August 24 competition, the second of its kind. Read More >

MEDICUS grid image-sharing system wins Computerworld Horizon Award

August 23, 2007 MEDICUS, developed by Carl Kesselman and Ann Chervenak of ISI in connection with Stephan Erberich of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles was named one of "10 cool cutting- edge technologies on the horizon now" by the influential IT publication. Read More >

ISI Pioneer's Internet Legacy Celebrated in Computerworld

July 10, 2007 Jon Postel is saluted as one of "the 10 IT People Who Mattered in the Past 40 Years" in the 40th anniversary issue of the widely-read publication Read More >

ISI to Host AI in Education Conference

July 9, 2007 The USC Information Sciences Institute is playing a key role in the 13th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED 2007) which will take place July 9-13 at a hotel close to the Institute's Marina del Rey Southern California campus. Read More >

The Newest AI Computing Tool: People

June 28, 2007 A USC Information Sciences Institute researcher thinks she has found a new source of artificial intelligence computing power to solve difficult IT problems of information classification, reliability, and meaning. Read More >

Farewell Lisa, Hello Sharon

June 1, 2007 After more than three decades at ISI, Lisa Moses retires as Human Resources Director, and Sharon Nealon comes aboard Read More >

RAW Talent Tackles Risk Analysis

May 29, 2007 An ISI team working under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security-funded Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE) is creating a system that will speed and help make more consistent the difficult task of quantifying risk estimates to guide policymakers. Read More >

MEDICUS image sharing system honored at Internet2 meeting

April 25, 2007 Created by ISI researchers and collaborators, MEDICUS, which uses grid technology to allow researchers and physicians to share medical images easily and securely, was one of two projects receiving 2007 Internet2 IDEA Awards. Read More >

ISI's Craig Knoblock Wins Microsoft Virtual Earth Award

April 10, 2007 Craig Knoblock is one of 21 researchers selected from more than 140 competitors for grants from the software giant. Read More >

ISI Leads $13.8 Million E-Science Effort to Tame Terabyte Torrents

April 8, 2007 A growing number of scientific fields suffer from a stifling embarrassment of riches: data pile up much faster than they can be analyzed. A team of researchers at the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering's Information Sciences Institute is now building a prototype of a system that will address the problem by automating scientific workflows. Read More >

MONARCH System-On-a-Chip Excels in Early Testing

March 22, 2007 A revolutionary processor package that changes its architecture to adapt to the demands of different computing tasks more than met design expectations in recent trials. Read More >

ISI Director Wins Top USC Distinction

March 9, 2007 Herbert Schorr, executive director of ISI since 1988, has won the Presidential Medallion, the University of Southern California's highest honor. Read More >

Monitoring with Minimum Power

February 15, 2007 A new communication protocol for wireless sensor networks just released by the Information Sciences Institute is the most efficient yet, more than a tenfold improvement on previous versions. Read More >

Show to Tell: Videos Demonstrate SuperBot Progress

February 13, 2007 On February 13, ISI's Wei-Min Shen reported to NASA significant progress in developing "SuperBot," identical modular units that plug into each other to create robots that can stand, crawl, wiggle and even roll, illustrating his comments with striking video of the system in action. Read More >

Ohlander Takes the Cake

January 25, 2007 ISI acknowledged the longtime outstanding service of retiring Deputy Director Ron Ohllander with a reception January 24 that drew a capacity crowd of about 100 well-wishers. Read More >

ISI Division Directors Contribute to National Academy Report on IT for Disaster Response

January 23, 2007 Readily available information and communications systems systems could greatly enhance rescue and rapid response: specialized sophisticated applications especially created for emergency response purposes could do much more, a new National Research Council Report finds. Read More >

LEAPFROG UPDATE: Engine test a success

January 22, 2007 It's a model lunar lander, and Viterbi School astronautical engineering grads and undergrads have been jumping to get it designed and built - with substantial ISI help. Read More >

ISI (and ICT) Women WiSE up

January 19, 2007 ISI's impressive roster of non-male IT professionals hosted a delegation from USC's Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) organization. Read More >