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Re: ATM over NS?

On Sat, 22 May 1999, Velibor Markovski wrote:
> Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 18:53:27 -0700
> From: Velibor Markovski <vmarkovs@cs.sfu.ca>
> To: L.Wood@surrey.ac.uk
> Subject: ATM over NS?
> Hi Lloyd,
> My name is Velibor Markovski and I am M.Sc. student at Simon Fraser
> University in Vancouver. I work in the broader area of computer
> networks. Browsing through the NS archives, I read your email from Tue,
> 2 Oct 1998 with subject "Can ns-2 work with ATM Network?", actually
> your reply to the previous mail with that question. Do you know what is
> the current situation?
> I would also like to try some ATM simulation through NS, but I am not
> sure if it is feasible at all?
> I would appreciate your help. Any links to web resources that cover this
> question (ATM with NS) would be useful.


(there's a mirror at:
if you can't reach that.)

It's for ns version 1, it's third-party, it's unsupported, you're on
your own.

Deriving an ATM node class for ns-2 would actually be one of the few
cases where you'd expect incompatibilities between the derived class
and everything else, and where the rest of the things ns simulates are
_supposed_ to fail badly across it... would make it easier to
implement; less testing required!



would be quite useful for diffserv on MPLS, though.

> Thank you in advance.
> Velibor
> --------------------------------------------------
> Velibor Markovski
> M.A.Sc. Student
> School of Engineering Science
> Simon Fraser University
> 8888 University Drive
> Burnaby, B.C.