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Re: About packet delays

Hi all,

I would like to ask if NS monitor objects can return the max delay also
in addition to the average (mean) delay. I have searched the tcl scripts
but I have found code fragments with mean delay only. Finally I would
like to ask if there is a way to flush the delay samples from tcl so
that next mean (or max) delay refers only to what is happening after the
flushing and not from the beginning of the simulation. Maybe something
like flush-trace{} but only for the delay samples.

for example:

set dsamp [$flow get-delay-samples]
set meandelay [$dsamp mean]
#is there something like max delay to be invoked as:
set maxdelay [$dsamp ??max??]
#is there a way to flush the delay samples up to now:

Thanks a lot,

Konstantinos Psounis
Summer Intern
Cisco Systems
IP Switching (ATM platforms) group
285 West Tasman Dr.