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Re: installation problems

The solution below is taken from the recent ns-user list posted by a ns

>When I went to install the ns-allinone-2.1b5 on Redhat 6.0 with Linux
>2.2.5-15 I got an error during compilation that there were duplicate case
>statements in tclPosixStr.c in the functions Tcl_ErrnoId() and
>Tcl_ErrnoMsg().  After checking the file I realized the compiler was
>complaining that the #defined ENOTSUP and EOPNOTSUPP values in different
>case statements in these functions had the same value.  These statements
>not defined the same in the ns-allinone package, but if you look in
>/usr/include/bits/errno.h you will find the following statement
>so ENOTSUP is defined to the same value as EOPNOTSUPP in Linux.  Note
>may not be true with different Linux kernel versions.
>The solution I came up with was to
>#ifdef ENOTSUP
>        case ENOTSUP: return "ENOTSUP";
>#ifdef ENOTSUP
>        case ENOTSUP: return "operation not supported";
>comment out both of the above statements in tclPosixStr.c.  They should
>around lines 328 and 775, respectively.  After doing this everything
>to compile and work fine.  Ok hope this helps anyone else who may
>this problem.  It may also be worth mentioning this problem on
>http://www-mash.CS.Berkeley.EDU/ns/ns-problems.html if it can help

On Fri, 5 Nov 1999, Kuang Tianbo wrote:

> Dear Sir,
> I have a problem to install ns-allinone-2.1b5 into my system.
> My operating system is: Red Hat Linux release 6.0 (Hedwig)
> Operating System Release:      2.2.5-15.
> CPU type is AMD K-6 350Mhz
> The output of the installation is as follows:
> ********************************************
> loading cache ./config.cache
> checking for ranlib... (cached) ranlib
> checking whether cross-compiling... (cached) no
> checking for getcwd... (cached) yes
> checking for opendir... (cached) yes
> checking for strstr... (cached) yes
> checking for strtol... (cached) yes
> checking for tmpnam... (cached) yes
> checking for waitpid... (cached) yes
> checking for strerror... (cached) yes
> checking for getwd... (cached) yes
> checking for wait3... (cached) yes
> checking for uname... (cached) yes
> checking for sin... (cached) no
> checking for -lieee... (cached) no
> checking dirent.h... yes
> checking how to run the C preprocessor... (cached) cc -E
> checking for errno.h... (cached) yes
> checking for float.h... (cached) yes
> checking for values.h... (cached) yes
> checking for limits.h... (cached) yes
> checking for stdlib.h... (cached) yes
> checking for string.h... (cached) yes
> checking for sys/wait.h... (cached) yes
> checking for dlfcn.h... (cached) yes
> checking for unistd.h... (cached) yes
> checking termios vs. termio vs. sgtty... termios
> checking fd_set and sys/select... yes
> checking for sys/time.h... (cached) yes
> checking whether time.h and sys/time.h may both be included... (cached)
> yes
> checking whether struct tm is in sys/time.h or time.h... (cached) time.h
> checking for tm_zone in struct tm... (cached) yes
> checking tm_tzadj in struct tm... no
> checking tm_gmtoff in struct tm... yes
> checking long timezone variable... yes
> checking for st_blksize in struct stat... (cached) yes
> checking proper strstr implementation... yes
> checking for strtoul... (cached) yes
> checking for strtod... (cached) yes
> checking for strtod... (cached) yes
> checking for Solaris strtod bug... ok
> checking for ANSI C header files... (cached) yes
> checking for mode_t... (cached) yes
> checking for pid_t... (cached) yes
> checking for size_t... (cached) yes
> checking for uid_t in sys/types.h... (cached) yes
> checking for opendir... (cached) yes
> checking union wait... yes
> checking matherr support... yes
> checking return type of signal handlers... (cached) void
> checking for vfork... (cached) yes
> checking vfork/signal bug... ok
> checking for strncasecmp... (cached) yes
> checking for BSDgettimeofday... (cached) no
> checking for gettimeofday... (cached) yes
> checking for gettimeofday declaration... present
> checking for -linet... (cached) no
> checking for net/errno.h... (cached) no
> checking whether char is unsigned... (cached) no
> checking signed char declarations... yes
> checking for connect... (cached) yes
> checking for gethostbyname... (cached) yes
> checking system version (for dynamic loading)... Linux-2.2.5-15
> checking for -ldl... (cached) yes
> checking for sys/ioctl.h... (cached) yes
> checking for sys/filio.h... (cached) no
> checking FIONBIO vs. O_NONBLOCK for nonblocking I/O... O_NONBLOCK
> creating ./config.status
> creating Makefile
> creating tclConfig.sh
> cc -c -O   -I./../generic -I. -DHAVE_GETCWD=1 -DHAVE_UNISTD_H=1
> ./../generic/tclPosixStr.c
> ./../generic/tclPosixStr.c: In function `Tcl_ErrnoId':
> ./../generic/tclPosixStr.c:340: duplicate case value
> ./../generic/tclPosixStr.c:328: this is the first entry for that value
> ./../generic/tclPosixStr.c: In function `Tcl_ErrnoMsg':
> ./../generic/tclPosixStr.c:787: duplicate case value
> ./../generic/tclPosixStr.c:775: this is the first entry for that value
> make: *** [tclPosixStr.o] Error 1
> tcl8.0.4 make failed! Exiting ...
> **********************************************************
> If you have any idea of the problem, could you please let me know?
> Thanks.
> --Tianbo
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