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Difference between WFQ and DRR or WRR

Hi all,

I have a Q about the different scheduling algorithm implemented in
ns. I have read in the mailing list that there allready exist code for
an additional
implementation of WFQ. WFQ, as a work conserving algoritm, uses the FFQ
model to calculate which packet has to be served in the next step. But I
donīt find any literature, explaining the
difference to the other models like DRR or WRR. So can anybody give me a
what are the main differences and how the other models work to calculate
the processing
of the incoming packets. Furthermore can I use DRR or WRR instead WFQ in
a ns
simulation without getting great differences in measuring the delay of
the packets, transfering
some queues using DRR or WRR instead WFQ  algorithm.

Thanks in advance