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NS instalation doubt

Assunto: NS instalation doubts

I am trying to intalate NS using windows 98, microsoft visual C++ 6.0, NS 2 V.2.1b6, TCL V 8.04, TK V 8.04, TCLCL V 1.0b9 e OTCL V 1.0 a 4 and 1.0a 5.
I did step 1 : set the environment variables: SHELL = C:\ command.com c:\/E:32000/p. This was ok.
Step 2:
I did the source code organization. It is ok.
Step 3:
Modifying makefiles:
NS2, TCL, TK, TCLCL, run ok. no problem. But OTCL both version don`t meet CL.OTCL failed.
c:\NetSim\OTCL>\micros~1\vc98\bin\NMake /f makefile.vc cl-zz-od-c-w3-dcrtapi1=cdec1-dcrtapi2=-cdecl-nologo-d_x86-=1-d win32-ie=0x0300-dwinver=oxo400-dwin32-d_win32-d_mt-d_dll-md-c-zi-w3-i.
C:\NetSim\TCL\generic c:\NetSim\generic:\NetSim\TK\XLIB-footcl.o OTCL.C
nmake: fatal error U1081: '' CL' : program not found
I hope your help very soon. Thank you
H.Zattar- Brazil