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[ns] BLUE, Stochastic Fair BLUE for ns 2.1b8

BLUE - an active queue management algorithm, and Stochastic Fair BLUE
(SFB) - a BLUE extension for enforcing fairness among flows through
Bloom filters,   have been ported from ns-1.1 to the most recent version
(ns2.1b8). The code, scripts  and documentation  are available  at

Related papers :
W. Feng, D. Kandlur, D. Saha, K. Shin, "Blue: A New Class of Active
Queue Management Algorithms" U. Michigan
http://www.thefengs.com/wuchang/blue/CSE-TR-387-99.ps.Z  (Compressed

W. Feng, D. Kandlur, D. Saha, K. Shin, "Stochastic Fair Blue: A Queue
Management Algorithm for Enforcing Fairness", in Proc. of INFOCOM 2001,
April 2001. http://www.thefengs.com/wuchang/blue/41_2.PDF

The code  should allow easy integration into the ns distribution.

Sunil Thulasidasan
Los Alamos National Laboratory