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22.1.4 Link/Queue State

The nam trace for link and queue states are given by (respectively):

l -t <time> -s <src> -d <dst> -S <state> -c <color> -o orientation -r <bw> -D <delay>
q -t <time> -s <src> -d <dst> -a <attr>
where <state> and <color> indicate the same attributes (and the same format) as described above in the node state traces. Flag -o gives the link orientation (angle between link and horizontal). Flags -r and -D give the bandwidth (in Mb) and delay (in ms), respectively. An example of a link trace is:
l -t * -s 0 -d 1 -S UP -r 1500000 -D 0.01 -c black -o right
Queues are visualized in nam as a straight line along which packets (small squares) are packed. In queue trace events, flag -a specifies the orientation of the line of the queue (angle between the queue line and the horizontal line, counter-clockwise). For example, the following line specifies a queue that grows vertically upwards with respect to the screen (here 0.5 means the angle of the queue line is ):
q -t * -s 0 -d 1 -a 0.5