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23. Unicast Routing

This section describes the structure of unicast routing in . We begin by describing the interface to the userSectionsec:API, through methods in the Simulator../ns-2/ns-lib.tcl and the RouteLogic../ns-2/ns-lib.tcl. We then describe configuration mechanisms for specialised routing Sectionsec:uni:specroute such as asymmetric routing, or equal cost multipath routing The next section describes the the configuration mechanisms for individual routing strategies and protocolsSectionsec:uni:protconfig. We conclude with a comprehensive look at the internal architectureSectionsec:rtg-internals of routing in .

The procedures and functions described in this chapter can be found in tcl/lib/ns-route.tcl, tcl/rtglib/route-proto.tcl, tcl/mcast/McastProto.tcl, and rtProtoDV.{cc, h}.