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30. PLM

 This chapter describes the ns implementation of the PLM protocol [#!legout_sigmetrics2000!#]. The code of the PLM protocol is written in both C++ and OTcl. The PLM Packet Pair generator is written in C++ and the PLM core machinery is written in OTcl. The chapter has simply three parts: the first part shows how to create and configure a PLM session; the second part describes the Packet Pair source generator; the third part describes the architecture and internals of the PLM protocol. In this last part, rather than giving a list of procedures and functions, we introduce the main procedures per functionality (instantiation of a PLM source, instantiation of a PLM receiver, reception of a packet, detection of a loss, etc.).

The procedures, functions, and variables described in this chapter can be found in: plm/, plm/, tcl/plm/plm.tcl, tcl/plm/plm-ns.tcl, tcl/plm/plm-topo.tcl, tcl/lib/ns-default.tcl.