11.3 Commands at a glance

Following is a list of methods for the class Timer. Note that many different types of timers have been derived from this base class (viz. LogTimer, Timer/Iface, Timer/Iface/Prune, CacheTimer, Timer/Scuba etc).

$timer sched delay
This command cancels any other event that may have been scheduled and re-schedules another event after time <delay>.

$timer resched delay
Similar to "sched" described above. Added to have similar APIs as that of the C++ timers.

$timer cancel
This cancels any scheduled event.

$timer destroy
This is similar to cancel. Cancels any scheduled event.

$timer expire
This command calls for a time-out. However the time-out procedure needs to be defined in the sub-classes.

All these procedures can be found in ns/tcl/mcast/timer.tcl.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05