12.3 Commands at a glance

Following is a list of packet-header related procedures:


This is an internal simulator procedure and is called once during the simulator configuration to setup a packetHeaderManager object.


This is another internal procedure of Class PacketHeaderManager that keeps track of a variable called hdrlen_ as new packet-headers are enabled. It also allows 8-byte allignment for any newly-enabled pkt header.

add-packet-header takes a list of arguments, each of which is a packet header name (without PacketHeader/ prefix). This global proc will tell simulator to include the specified packet header(s) in your simulation. remove-packet-header operates in the same syntax, but it removes the specified headers from your simulation; notice that it does not remove the common header even it is instructed to do so.

remove-all-packet-headers is a global Tcl proc. It takes no argument and removes all packet headers, except the common header, from your simulation. add-all-packet-headers is its counterpart.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05